Renfrew Friction Hockey Tape

Renfrew Friction Hockey Tape

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3 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
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Renfrew Friction Hockey Tape

  • More aggressive and tacky version of our black cloth tape
  • Thick coating of adhesives creates a moisture barrier between the ice and stick
  • Lasts longer than other tapes and requires less frequent taping
  • Exceptional adhesion to blade, provides increased vibration dampening
  • Protects stick blades and improves puck handling
  • 3/4" x 60 Feet

Order a case (36 rolls) or more: $2.54/roll - Use Coupon Code: FRICTIONTAPE15

Renfrew Friction Hockey Tape
3 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
Jeremy hockey
1 Stars

Bad tape
February 1, 2014
Don't buy the tape didn't last me a week of playing not everyday
Doesn't stick

1 Stars

Tape is not good
February 26, 2013
Doesnt stick. Couldnt even get the tape on my stick

2 Stars

Don't Buy
January 21, 2013
Wears too quickly. Much better off using the standard black cloth Renfrew and applying some blade wax. Cloth Renfrew is also slightly wider and covers blade better.

1 Stars

Waste of $$$
February 6, 2012
Bought this tape based on ratings.<br> What a disappointment!!!<br>Doesn't last through one practice or game.<br>Poor adhesion

5 Stars

great tape
February 13, 2011
great atpe used it three times and its still as grippy as the first. you can receive harder passes with ease and you can control the puck easier

5 Stars

great hockey tape
May 15, 2010
The only hockey tape that is good.

5 Stars

Friction Hockey Tape
March 2, 2010
Well, for one, you can't really have bad hockey tape. Two, your puck handling is your own skill. But this tape worked well. It covered my stick, right?

By Tim from on August 24, 2014
So with the friction tape, You don't have to use any wax?
By Customer Service on August 25, 2014

Waxing is a matter of preference, whether you're using cloth or friction tape. Some players still like to wax their blade even with friction tape, but usually the friction tape is sticky enough for most people to go without wax.