CCM Pro NHL Team Hockey Gloves - Senior

CCM Pro NHL Team Hockey Gloves - Senior

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CCM Pro NHL Team Hockey Gloves - Senior

Built to professional specs, the CCM Pro 4-Roll gloves use pro-preferred materials and designs with CCM's most popular K-Series fit. The Kinetic Fit System provides you with a snug fit, but still gives you great wrist movement and responsiveness. Included is the CCM's 2-piece flexible thumb and with a segmented, seamless cuff for more mobility. These CCM Pro NHL Team gloves were designed with your favorite team colors in mind and have the NHL team name stitched into the cuff.

  • Pro gloves from CCM's K-Series
  • CCM's Kinetic Fit System (KFS) for anatomic fit
  • Pro-preferred polyester body
  • NHL Team embroidery
  • HD foam with PE inserts on fingers and backhand
  • 2-Piece flexible thumb
  • Pro NHL Palm

Hockey Glove Sizing Chart

Measure from the base of your middle finger to the crease of your elbow. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey glove size. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.

Hockey Glove Sizing Chart
Age Group Finger Base to Elbow (in) Hockey Glove Size
Youth 7 - 8" 8"
8 - 9" 9"
Junior 9 - 10" 10"
10 - 11" 11"
11 - 12" 12"
Senior 12 - 13" 13"
13 - 14" 14"
14 - 15" 15"
Hockey Glove Sizing Measurement - Finger Base to Elbow Crease
CCM Pro NHL Team Hockey Gloves - Senior