Reebok SHK Wood Hockey Stick - Senior

Reebok SHK Wood Hockey Stick - Senior

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2 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
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Reebok SHK Wood Hockey Stick - Senior

  • Multi-lam shaft construction
  • Injected blade
  • New long lasting glossy finish
  • Also recommended for street hockey
  • Patterns: P87A Crosby

Street hockey sticks are not intended for ice hockey. They are designed for inline and street hockey use only.

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Reebok Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013

Reebok P87A Crosby Blade Pattern; Crosby CurveReebok P38 Datsyuk Blade Pattern; Datsyuk CurveReebok P42 Duchene Blade Pattern; Duchene CurveReebok P36A Phaneuf Blade Pattern; Phaneuf CurveReebok P40 Perron Blade Pattern; Perron CurveReebok P46 Bergeron Blade Pattern; Bergeron Curve
Reebok SHK Wood Hockey Stick - Senior
2 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
fraser, CO
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 28, 2015
street sticks are meant to put up with more abuse from the ground, so i knew a 20$ wood stick wouldn't perform like a 100$ composite stick on the ice, but i was a little shocked at how quickly i broke the shaft. after doing some homework online, i realized no street stick is meant to put up with slap shot practice lol. i recently ordered a multi-laminated wood street stick, and will be more careful with it. all in all, for the asking price, i was happy with this stick.
the crosby blade was amazing and im buying all my sticks with a P87A blade now lol. for a street stick, i lived the feel of it. the blade does wear out eventually, relative to how many hours of use you put in, but i wouldn't say it depletes fast by any means. for the asking price, this is a good stick with a great feel. excellent for practicing wristers and handling, but i would take it easy on the slaps outside.

oly wa
1 Stars

wears down quick
March 4, 2014
got this stick and used it once. looked down at my blade and realized it was half the size as it was when it was new

By Andres G from Chicago Illinois on January 27, 2014
is this hockey stick intended for only street hockey. If not will the stick not perform the same if recommended for street, but still mutual for ice hockey?
By Customer Service on January 28, 2014

It is only recommended for street and inline use. It will not work well for ice hockey because the blade is not be rigid enough to be used with ice hockey pucks.

By glenn from wa on March 4, 2014
can i put a replacement blade on this?
By Customer Service on March 6, 2014

Wood sticks are not designed with that capability. Only composite shafts and some one piece composite sticks (once the blade is cut off and the opening of the shaft is exposed) can be used with replacement blades.

By Eric from New York on October 21, 2013
I am 5'10 without skates on. Would this stick be long enough for me?
By Jeremiah at on October 22, 2013

If the sticks you use usually come up to about chin level, this one will be just the right height for you. You can always cut it down if necessary.

By Jamie from Buffalo on March 16, 2015
How long in inches is this stick?
By Customer Service on March 16, 2015

It is approximately 60" in length from the top of the stick to the heel of the blade.

By James from Fate, Tx on November 13, 2014
What would be a good wood stick to use on ice for a beggining sr? I am just learning and not looking to pay the price of a composite stick if I can help it. Thanks
By Customer Service on November 13, 2014

I would recommend the Sherwood T10 Stick. The reason I wouldn't recommend the SHK for anything other than street hockey, is that it has an ABS blade, which is usually not rigid enough for ice hockey pucks. The T10 would be a great choice.

By damon from freeport maine on September 23, 2013
How long? I'm 6'5", I need a long stick. who makes the longest shafted wooden stick?

By Customer Service on September 23, 2013

Just about every wood stick out there is going to be too short for someone 6'5". The Sherwood T10 and Sherwood 5030 Wood stick are going to be some of the longer wooden sticks out there.

Construction MaterialMulti-Lam Wood
BladeInjected Nylon Blade
Additional Features-
Made In-