Reebok RibCor Hockey Stick - Senior

Reebok RibCor Hockey Stick - Senior

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The new Reebok Ribcor Hockey Stick is Reebok's top hockey stick model for 2013. Reebok has been among the industry leaders for several years now, developing some of the most innovative hockey stick technologies that we've seen. Their newest creation, the Ribcor is primed for quick, powerful shots. Their unique shaft design employs their ribbed design that creates a constant tension among the shaft fibers, which produces incredible potential energy that's ready to release as soon as you load up for a shot. By pre-loading the stick, Reebok has created a "power chamber" that's in a constant state of charge.

In addition to the RibCor shaft design, Reebok unveiled the new SSX Blade, which is constructed with a blade that is increasingly stiffer from heel to toe. This design helps to keep the blade face from opening up, helping you retain complete power and accuracy on your shots and passes. This is a key feature that truly enhances and complements the new Ribcor Shaft technology to help you get the most out of every shot, pass and dangle.

The new Reebok Ribcor Hockey Stick is also 10 grams lighter than the Reebok 20K Stick from the last generation of Reebok sticks. The kick point is low, which means you'll be able to get a smooth, quick release, especially on your snap shots. Everything about the new Reebok Ribcor Hockey Stick is designed with the accomplished goal of creating truly powerful precision.

Reebok RibCor Hockey Stick - Senior

The revolutionary Reebok RIBCOR is the 1st ever ribbed stick with a loaded shaft for MIND BLOWING POP!

The RIBCOR's unique ribbed shaft technology features carbon fibers that are permanently in tension to help increase power transfer from your hands directly to the puck.


  • Ribbed shaft technology
  • High Power Taper Ratio
  • Tri Matrix Construction
  • SSX Blade
  • T-Geometry
  • Length: 75 Flex = 58" | 85 Flex = 60" | 100 Flex = 60"
  • Weight: (Approx) 430 grams
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Reebok Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013

Reebok P87A Crosby Blade Pattern; Crosby CurveReebok P38 Datsyuk Blade Pattern; Datsyuk CurveReebok P42 Duchene Blade Pattern; Duchene CurveReebok P36A Phaneuf Blade Pattern; Phaneuf CurveReebok P40 Perron Blade Pattern; Perron CurveReebok P46 Bergeron Blade Pattern; Bergeron Curve
Reebok RibCor Hockey Stick - Senior
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Really good stick for the price
May 5, 2015
I had been buying cheaper sticks (under $100) from HockeyGiant so I decided to splurge on this one because I wasn't getting the performance I needed out of the lower cost options. This stick has great balance and the puck springs off of it on my shots at better velocity. Very happy with my purchase

so cal
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fantastic Stick
May 5, 2015
all around good stick: light, responsive, good kick.

Nick Karlovich
Apple Valley, Minnesota
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Stick
March 14, 2015
This was my first Reebok stick after having Easton sticks previously. I love this stick, it has great response on slap shots and really jumps off the stick. The stick is also very sturdy and light which is what I look for when spending a couple hundred on a stick.

Philadelphia, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My new favorite stick
January 23, 2015
Really glad that I gave this stick a shot. I decided to give it a try based on all the 5 star reviews online, and people aren't exaggerating when they say that you get unbelievable pop from this stick. My shot is harder than it's ever been, even teammates noticed that I've been shooting much harder. The extra stiff blade does not affect the puck feel either. This is my new go-to stick.

Chicago, Illinois
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing Stick
September 23, 2013
I have been playing hockey for as long as I could walk. Over the fifteen years of hockey, I have had over 25 hockey sticks. I have used almost every brand possible,(Bauer, Reebok, CCM, Easton, Sherwood, Boa, Warrior, Graf, Mission, Inno, Eagle, and TPS) If there is one thing I learned over the years, it is to not judge a book by its cover. All sticks look and feel different. It just takes time to find the stick that you enjoy the most. Sometimes it will take years to find the one that gives you the perfect shot, and flex. It took me up until my freshman year of college to find the absolute perfect stick. Before then I have enjoyed a few sticks, but did not really over please me. Until about two weeks ago, I was using the Totalone NXG, the lightest stick on the market. Maybe a little too light in my opinion. I heard about the new Reebok stick, called the Ribcor. Only owning two or three Reebok sticks in the past, I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this stick. Every stick I buy, I do my best to get a good feel for the stick without taking it out on the ice. I will test the flex of the stick, curve and how well I can stick handle with the desired stick. The new Ribcor was something that peaked my interest after I looked at it this first time. The ribs at the bottom of the shaft, were something never seen on a stick before. “Optical loading zone,” is what is written on the lower end of the shaft. The loading zone is supposed to give the stick a pre-loaded shot. Making the person using the stick get a harder shot without having to put a hardcore flex on the stick. I knew all of this information prior to purchasing the stick. Compared to my old stick,Totalone NXG, the Ribcor was considerably heavy. Although one of the lighter sticks, I was able to notice the difference. The Ribcor compared to the NXG has minor differences in my opinion. For example the NXG is lighter, I feel the blade of the stick is not as stiff as the Ribcor. Puck control with the Ribcor I thought is a little easier to control, because the stick is a little heavier, it’s easier to notice the blade is on the ice. Shooting the puck, without a doubt, the Ribcor beats the NXG by far. The “optical loading zone” may sound a little cheesy, however, I found the ribs to work great. I noticed the flexibility within the ribs of the stick while taking quick release shots. These two sticks compared, I believe the Ribcor has the NXG beat without any issues. The Easton Mako stick was a stick I always wanted. The stick just really stuck out to me. After buying the stick, I was greatly disappointed. There was nothing that I enjoyed about the stick whatsoever. The stick was way too flexible, it was so whippy that I could not produce a hard enough shot that I liked. The Ribcor also provides a nice feature with the ribs. It does not twist the blade when taking hard slap shots. Although the twist is very minimal on other sticks, it is enough to weaken the blade quicker. The Ribcor makes the blade not twist at all, making the blade even more stiff. The RBZ Stage 2, is a stick that I fell in love with right away. It had almost everything going for it. It was a light stick, and had a very nice grip on it. The blade on this stick was honeycombed, meaning, after taking many shots, hitting the same spot the blade will not weaken. In Fact the constant shooting will absorb the pressure from the puck throughout the entire blade, not one spot. This will make the blades stiffness and effectiveness last longer. Another amazing feature of the RBZ is the flex point. The entire shaft is the kick-point. Wherever the users bottom hand is, that is where the stick will flex. Which is something new that I have never experienced before. The only problem with that is, it can break easier. Because the stick is not as stiff as a regular composite stick. The Ribcor compared to the RBZ was a tough competition. They are both fantastic sticks. However, My RBZ broke after 40 days of owning it. Snapped in half from blocking a shot. The reason I believe from the all around flexibility of the shaft. Although the Ribcor does not have the flex like the RBZ, the loading zone definitely makes up for it. My shot I believe is 25-30 percent harder and also more accurate. I have used over 25 sticks in my lifetime. Some that I absolutely loved, and others I did not enjoy one part of. It does not matter what company you are a huge fan of, you should give each brand a try. It may turn out that a company you did not think would be good, turns out to have one of the best sticks. Overall, the Ribcor has everything I can ask for in a stick. The perfect stiffness of the blade. The texture of the shaft is something different, and new. The patented ribs on the shaft, giving the user a harder and more accurate shot. The Ribs also produce more stiffness to the blade, by making the blade not flex. The only issue I have with this stick, is the fact that there is only one color at the moment. The stick is only produced in black. I hope Reebok will produce more Ribcor sticks with a variety of colors involved. I highly recommend any hockey player to try this stick. Although it is rather expensive, it will not disappoint. Give the Reebok Ribcor a try, and enjoy the new designs that Reebok has to offer. Keep playing hockey and experiment with the new equipment that is coming out.

By Dylan from Seattle on September 24, 2014
I currently have P38 curve on Ribcor. Love stick but I lift the shot to high or just over cross bar a lot. Is the P42 the same basic curve as P38 with out so much open or twisted upward toward the toe that may correct this? P38 worked well when learning to lift and shoot, but now that shot as developed looking for same curve that will not lift the puck quite so much on a shot....
By Customer Service on October 13, 2014

The P42 is not very comparable to the P38. It's a very moderate curve with a neutral face angle. It's actually a clone of the Easton E4/P4 (Cammalleri/Zetterberg/Forsberg) and the Bauer PM9 (Stamkos/Malkin). I use that curve myself and it's a great choice for players who want more control over their shots and passes. It's more of a playmaker's pattern than a shooter's pattern because the curve is so moderate. I'd suggest giving it a try - you may like the change and it will certainly help you keep your shot down.

Weight430 Grams
Length75 Flex = 58" | 85 Flex = 60" | 100 Flex = 60"
Kick PointLow-Mid
Construction MaterialTri Matrix
Shaft ShapeT-Geometry
TaperHigh Power
Shaft FinishRibbed Shaft
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty30 Days
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