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Reebok RibCor Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

Reebok RibCor Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

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Reebok RibCor Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

The revolutionary Reebok RIBCOR is the 1st ever ribbed stick with a loaded shaft for MIND BLOWING POP!

The RIBCOR's unique ribbed shaft technology features carbon fibers that are permanently in tension to help increase power transfer from your hands directly to the puck.


  • Ribbed shaft technology
  • High Power Taper Ratio
  • Tri Matrix Construction
  • SSX Blade
  • T-Geometry


  • 65 Flex = 57" | 60 Flex = 56"
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Reebok Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013

Reebok P87A Crosby Blade Pattern; Crosby CurveReebok P38 Datsyuk Blade Pattern; Datsyuk CurveReebok P42 Duchene Blade Pattern; Duchene CurveReebok P36A Phaneuf Blade Pattern; Phaneuf CurveReebok P40 Perron Blade Pattern; Perron CurveReebok P46 Bergeron Blade Pattern; Bergeron Curve
Reebok RibCor Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick
By josh from Usa on September 15, 2013
What's the difference between this and the 25K? Specs sound the sme on both sticks. Thanks.
By Customer Service on September 26, 2013

The RibCor is approximately 20-30 grams lighter than the 25K. Aside from that, they're very comparable sticks, though.

By Brandon from Pittsburgh,PA on August 5, 2013
How much does it way in grams?
By Pat@HockeyGiant on August 6, 2013

We do not currently have any published weights on that stick yet. Weights will be available soon after the stick becomes available on August 16.

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