Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet Combo

Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet Combo

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The Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet Combo, like models below features an aerodynamic, well-ventilated design. Fit clips are at each side of the helmet to provide tool free adjustments to find a perfect fit.

Upgrades on the Reebok 7K helmet combo feature the introduction of the subshell, which, on this helmet, is PETG plastic which allows for true color customization. The liner is also upgraded using an EPP floating liner along with comfort cushions to provide maximum protection and a snug, comfortable fit. The upgrades on this helmet make it a great choice for the intermediate to advanced player looking to get a little extra out of their helmet.

Reebok's 7K Helmet Combo features the 5K cage. The thin straight bars are designed to provide good vision on the ice. There is an ergonomic chin cup designed for comfort and protection. For added protection to the chin there is a wire guard that protects against abrasions to the chin from the cage. This cage makes a perfect fit for this helmet combo.

Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet Combo

Specs :
  • Reebok Shell - Aerodynamic shell with ventilation for maximum air flow
  • EPP Liner - Molded EPP wit comfort cushions for maximum protection and a snug fit
  • Fit Clips - Permits tool-less length adjustments
  • PETG Subshells - Plastic allow for true color customization
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Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet Sizing Chart

Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet Sizing Chart
Helmet Size Head Circumference Hat Size
Small 20 - 22" 51 - 56 cm 38 - 7
Medium 21 12 - 23" 55 - 59 cm 678 - 7 38
Large 22 34 - 25" 58 - 63 cm 14 - 7 78
Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet Combo
By Tama from Madison, Wisconsin on October 30, 2014
When does this helmet expire?
By Customer Service on October 31, 2014

Every helmet in our warehouse has its own expiration date, so we can't know for certain what the expiration date of the helmet is unless you're able to provide us with the size and color of the helmet you want while on the phone with one of our reps. While you're on the phone, one of our reps will contact the warehouse and have them pull a helmet aside to check the date.

By Derek from Wonder Lake Illinois on May 11, 2013
Does it come in a silver/gray cage?
By Jeremiah at on May 13, 2013

Yes, it comes with the Silver 5K cage.

PaddingComfort Cushions
LinerEPP Liner
ShellAerodynamic Plastic Shell
Tool-Free Size AdjustmentYes
Cage5K Cage
Occipital LockNo
CertificationCSA, HECC, CE Certified
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty1 Year
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No Sweat
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Shock Doctor
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