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Reebok 20K Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

Reebok 20K Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

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Reebok 20K Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

Designed with professional equipment managers and built for NHL players, the 20K family is now also available at retail. Improved coverage and consumer requested low-profile shape combines with next generation all foam JDP protection to provide the ultimate combination of fit and protection.

    Inspired by pro equipment managers, the first all foam construction has no plastic inserts and provides a professional level of protection.

  • CAP
    New dual-core JDP, all-foam cap with low-profile fit and exposed foam coverage for excellent 2 way protection.

    Features air channels and mesh ventilation plus padding for cool comfort.

    2-piece floating, 2-piece adjustable and 1-piece removable for custom comfort fit.

    Removable protection at belly and lower back, molded HD floating foam at sternum, kidney, ribs and spine.

    Hinged HD molded foam is lightweight, comfortable and highly protective.

Reebok 20K Shoulder Pad Specs

  • Construction: No plastic inserts, all foam construction. Built with equipment managers.
  • Caps: New dual core cap (ALL FOAM CAP) | Exposed foam coverage | Low profile fit
  • Liner: Air Channels | Comfort Padding | Mesh ventilation
  • Bicep: 2 piece floating | 2 piece adjustable | 1 piece removable | All foam NHL designed
  • Belly: Removable protection
  • Lower back: Removable protection
  • Sternum: Floating Sternum | Molded HD
  • Back: Floating Spine | Molded HD Spine
  • Arch Support: Segmented foam comfort base
  • Shoulder Blades: Hinged, Molded PE protection
  • Clavicle: HD molded foam
  • Kidney/Ribs: HD protection
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Reebok Hockey Shoulder Pad Sizing Chart

Reebok Hockey Shoulder Pad Sizing Chart, Reebok Shoulder Pad
Reebok 20K Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads
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