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Reebok 20K Youth Ice Hockey Pants

Reebok 20K Youth Ice Hockey Pants

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Reebok 20K Youth Ice Hockey Pants

With the advanced two-piece construction and JDP technology, Reebok hockey pants help players achieve a longer more powerful stride and provide a high level of protection. Strategically placed stretch material, ventilation and abrasion-resistant zones allow freedom of movement that contributes to faster skating and increased agility.

Get up to one more inch in length. Simple and easy-to-use hidden length adjustment zipper under the belt for the growing player.

Hip, thigh and spine protection that disperse the force of an impact away from your fragile joints and soft tissues.

Molded floating back piece stays in place on your lower back while reinforced seat area provides comfort and protection.

  • Construction
    Nylon with stretch zones and abrasion panels, plus streamlined core and shell to reduce player's overall weight and promote performance.

  • Hip
    JDP® hip caps protect by dispersing the energy of impacts away from fragile joints.

  • Protection
    Molded PE kidney protector, HD spine protector, segmented foam with molded PE inserts for lower back, NHL level thigh guards with slash protection.

  • Adjustment
    Easy-to-use hidden length adjusting zipper under the padded belt allows for up to one inch in length for growing players.

  • Suspender Buttons: Yes
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Reebok Hockey Ice Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Reebok Ice Hockey Pant Sizing Chart, Reebok Ice Hockey Pants
Reebok 20K Youth Ice Hockey Pants
By Harley from San Jose on September 12, 2014
Are these pants all black or do they have the white side striping like the picture shows?

By Customer Service on September 16, 2014

They do not have the white stripes on the sides. They're solid black.

By Bill B from So Cal on December 19, 2013
Is the 20K pant in the Youth built the same and with the same materials as the Sr. pant?
By Customer Service on December 19, 2013

Yes, they have the same features and construction.

By Tony Zeller from Los Angeles, CA on September 20, 2013
Are there buttons for suspenders that just cannot be seen in the product picture?
By Aaron at on September 24, 2013

Yes, these pants have suspender buttons. The padded waist belt is covering them in the picture.

By Jon from San Pedro, CA on April 29, 2014
Do these pants have the interior leg zippers to make getting on and off easier?
By Customer Service on May 1, 2014

The 20K Pants do not have leg zippers.

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