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Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Senior Grip Hockey Stick

Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Senior Grip Hockey Stick

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4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
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Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Senior Grip Hockey Stick

  • Dual Matrix II for a hyper release
  • AccuBlade for extreme accuracy
  • Griptonite for full control
  • Pure Fiber Technology™
  • Low-Mid Kick Point
  • NHL Player Preferred


  • Two opposing forces that help to create a lightning fast release. The carbon on the backhand is angled at 45 degrees which the forehand is angled at 90 degrees. This creates tension between the two while loading for a sling shot effect and a hyper release


  • A typical blade is stiff in the heel but becomes progressively softer in the toe creating twisting and torquing and reducing accuracy. The exclusive AccuBlade on the 20K is engineered to progressively increase the stiffness of the blade from the heel to the toe for a more accurate shot


  • True one-piece construction that eliminates overlapping material in the lower shaft reducing weight and offering more consistency for maximum energy transfer

Reebok 20K Stick Specs

  • Weight:(Approx) 440g
  • Shaft Technology: Dual Matrix II
  • Shaft Construction: Pure Fiber
  • Stiffness Point: Constant with soft taper
  • Kick-Point: Low-mid
  • Blade Technology: Accublade
  • Blade Construction: Stiff with ultra-light foam core
  • Grip: Griptonite
  • Sizes: SR, INT, JR, YT
  • Patterns: P87A, P46, P42, P40, P38, P36A
  • Stick Length: 60"
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Reebok Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013

Reebok P87A Crosby Blade Pattern; Crosby CurveReebok P38 Datsyuk Blade Pattern; Datsyuk CurveReebok P42 Duchene Blade Pattern; Duchene CurveReebok P36A Phaneuf Blade Pattern; Phaneuf CurveReebok P40 Perron Blade Pattern; Perron CurveReebok P46 Bergeron Blade Pattern; Bergeron Curve
Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Senior Grip Hockey Stick
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Armand O'Keefe
Bay Head, New Jersey
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

20K is OK
July 29, 2014
This stick is good for snap shots and slap shots but it is not durable. It chips on the blade and crack after a couple months after purchase. If you flex it to much it snaps. I did enjoy playing with it
lightweight Good pop Unique double grip is good

By Joe Farr from san antonio,tx on October 24, 2013
is the crosby curve similar to a sakic curve?
By Customer Service on October 24, 2013

Yes, they are nearly identical. The Sakic is now called the E3/P3 Hall.

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