Reebok 18K Pump Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Reebok 18K Pump Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
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Reebok 18K Pump Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Provides the ultimate level in personalized pro performance and comfort.

Max Armour™ V with grade A nylon composite embedded zones provides optimum lightweight structure, stability and durability.

Dual zone liner with Duratex grip and Clarino enhances durability with increased heel lock.

7mm felt & Pro Felt & EPE foam hybrid tongue. Its molded shape along with its foam core provides a comfortable fit and minimizes tongue twist.

Vented lightweight carbon composite outsole increases torsional rigidity, maximizes energy transfer and delivers a reactive feel.

Reebok 18K Skate Specs

  • Quarter: MAX Armour V with metal mesh
  • Core: Pro reinforced EPP foam core and mono-composite embedded zones
  • Pump: Yes
  • Skate Lock: Yes
  • Liner: Dual zone Duratex grip & durable Clarino
  • Outsole: Vented carbon
  • Footbed: Griptonite
  • Tongue: Pro felt EPE foam
  • Holder/Runner: E-Pro Scalloped 10' Radius
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Reebok Senior Hockey Skate Sizing Chart

Reebok Senior Hockey Skate Sizing Chart
Reebok Skate Size Men's Shoe Size
U.S. Euro U.K.
6.0 7.5 40 6.5
6.5 8.0 40.5 7.0
7.0 8.5 41 7.5
7.5 9.0 42 8.0
8.0 9.5 42.5 8.5
8.5 10.0 43 9.0
9.0 10.5 44 9.5
9.5 11.0 44.5 10.0
10.0 11.5 45 10.5
10.5 12.0 45.5 11.0
11.0 12.5 46 11.5
11.5 13.0 47 12.0
12.0 13.5 48 12.5
12.5 14.0 48.5 13.0
13.0 14.5 49 13.5
13.5 15.0 50 14.0
14.0 15.5 51 14.5
14.5 16.0 52 15.0

hockey skate boot width; letters next to skate size; hockey skate width

SENIOR Hockey Skates
Senior hockey skates are sized to fit adults and full grown teenagers with a Men's US shoe size of 7 or greater.

JUNIOR Hockey Skates
Junior hockey skates are sized to fit kids in the range of approximately 8 to 12 years old with a US shoe size of 2 to 6.5.

YOUTH Hockey Skates
Youth hockey skates are sized to fit toddlers and young children in the age range of approximately 9 years old and younger with a US youth shoe size of 1.5 or smaller.

*Female Skaters*
The difference between men's shoes and women's shoes is 1.5 to 2 sizes. So, if you wear size 9 women's shoes, that translates to a men's size 7.5 or 7.0, which would put you in a size 6 senior hockey skate. More simply put, go 3 sizes down from your women's shoe size in order to find your hockey skate size.

Reebok 18K Pump Senior Ice Hockey Skates
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Nashville, TN
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Incredible Skate
October 9, 2014
I received these skates baked them, put wax laces on them, and some Superfeet insoles in them. I used them in an hour and a half pick up game with no issues or discomfort. The are light, comfortable, and super cool temperature wise. I only had two blisters which is expected, but when I was sitting on the bench I could barley tell I had skates on. My previous pair of skates were old Bauer s, and these are night and day. I did notice that the skate pushes your ankle a little forward which takes about 30 seconds to get used to, but after that they are perfect. I would highly recommend these to anyone that is looking for a well priced competitive skate.
Light, comfortable, and cool.

Raleigh, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great skate for the money
July 28, 2014
I upgraded from the 14K, and these are at least double the skate. Much thicker pads in the instep, very comfortable, i love the lock for the laces. My feet do not go numb anymore. My only complaint is that I took a shot off the blade, and it bent.
Comfortable, good protection, well made.
Blade got bent from one good shot and I have to replace them.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

April 15, 2014
I love everything about these skates. I have a very wide foot so most skates do not fit me well however with these i was in love with them the second I put them on. They are very durable and they have a sharp look to them. The three main things I love about these skates are the lace lock, the pump, and the lace bite protector. When i skate i do not like my foot to move around in the skate. With the lace lock once you snap it down the bottom half of your laces will not loosen at all. The pump on the side of the skate tightens the area around your ankle which is where my foot slides the most. Last the lace bite protector is great. I always tie my skates as tight as i can and with my old Bauers I got a lot of lace bite. With these you don't feel any lace bite at all. I highly recommend these skates to any one who wants a comfortable fit and whats to take their game to the next level.

5 Stars

November 1, 2012
Just picked this skate up but it seems like a very solid fit. There is a lot of foam inside this skate to form around your foot after baking. Boot is very stiff. I'm coming off of the previous line of RBK's and generally go with em because of the width. I have wide feet and generally Bauer's, and others are just too narrow. Once these were warmed up, I could feel the foam form around my foot and they fit like slippers now. I'll be taking these for a spin tonight. Can't speak to the durability yet but the weight, boot stiffness, and fit are all right on. I'll keep ya posted as it goes but I haven't found a flaw yet!

By Steve from Kalamazoo, Michigan on October 6, 2014
I am older , 55 and a average skater but would like a good pair of skates not sure what to get 16k -18k or what can you adviseS
By Customer Service on October 8, 2014

The 16K Skates will do the job for you. The 18K Skates are stiffer and are intended for people who put more stress on the boots. I think you'll be happy with the 16K Skates.

By Mike from Ontario Cnada on February 13, 2015
Are the 17K and 18K similar skates in terms of stiffness and features?
By Customer Service on February 16, 2015

The main differences between the two are going to be the quarter package and the liner inside the skate. The 17K's are going to have the same Pro Armour V composite quarter package as the 20K's, while the 18K's are going to have the Max Armour V composite quarter package (there really isn't any difference between Max Armour V and Pro Armour V, anyways). Other than the quarter packages, the 18K's are going to have a soft clarino liner while the 17K's are going to have a moisture wicking duratex liner.

Heat Moldable-
Quarter PackageMax Armour V w/Metal Mesh
TonguePro Felt EPE Foam
Ankle Padding/SupportPro Reinforced EPP Foam
LinerDual Zone Duratex Grip and Durable Clarino
OutsoleVented Carbon
RunnerProformance Lite
Additional Features-
Made InChina
WarrantyBoot = 90 Days | Holder/Runner = 1 Year
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