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Reebok 18K Senior Ice Hockey Pants

Reebok 18K Senior Ice Hockey Pants

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Reebok 18K Senior Ice Hockey Pants

    Nylon with stretch zones and abrasion panels, plus streamlined core and shell to reduce player's overall weight and promote performance.

  • HIP
    JDP® hip caps protect by dispersing the energy of impacts away from fragile joints.

    Molded PE kidney protector, HD spine protector, segmented foam with molded PE inserts for lower back, foam thigh guards with slash protection.

    Easy-to-use hidden length adjusting zipper under the padded belt allows for up to one inch in length for growing players.

Reebok 18K Ice Hockey Pant Specs

  • Construction: Based on former 9K dimensions and specs
  • Hip Caps: JDP hip cap
  • Belt: Padded belt with HD reinforcement
  • Length: Hidden zipper under belt for 1" extension
  • Spine: Molded floating HD back piece
  • Waist: Molded PE kidney protection
  • Lower back: Segmented foam with molded PE inserts
  • Thigh Guard: 1 piece molded PE with foam reinforcement
  • Material: Nylon with stretch zones and abrasion panels
  • Leg: Leg zipper with slash guard and cover
  • Attachment: Stretch front
  • Suspender Buttons: Yes
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Reebok Hockey Ice Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Reebok Ice Hockey Pant Sizing Chart, Reebok Ice Hockey Pants
Reebok 18K Senior Ice Hockey Pants
By D from DC on September 5, 2013
Are these pants "traditional" pants or a girdle like the 9k was?
By Aaron @ on September 9, 2013

There are 2 versions of the 9k pants. The 9k pants from 2009 were more of a girdle/pant shell fit while the most recent 9K pants (2011-2012) changed to a more "traditional" fit. These 18k pants replaced last years 9k pants are will have a more "traditional" fit to them.

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