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Reebok 16K Sickick 4 Junior Grip Hockey Stick

Reebok 16K Sickick 4 Junior Grip Hockey Stick

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Reebok 16K Sickick 4 Junior Grip Hockey Stick

  • Dual Matrix II for a hyper release
  • AccuBlade for extreme accuracy
  • Griptonite for full control
  • Low-Mid kick point
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Reebok Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013

Reebok P87A Crosby Blade Pattern; Crosby CurveReebok P38 Datsyuk Blade Pattern; Datsyuk CurveReebok P42 Duchene Blade Pattern; Duchene CurveReebok P36A Phaneuf Blade Pattern; Phaneuf CurveReebok P40 Perron Blade Pattern; Perron CurveReebok P46 Bergeron Blade Pattern; Bergeron Curve
Reebok 16K Sickick 4 Junior Grip Hockey Stick
By mike from pa on August 3, 2014
Is this stick light weight for a child, 8years old, to not get tired?
By Customer Service on August 4, 2014

Absolutely. Hockey sticks are lighter now than they've ever been. Most of the wood sticks that we all used just 15 years ago were almost twice the weight of the composite sticks you'll find today. In fact, it may do him some good to use a slightly heavier stick until he builds up some muscle and learns the basics of puckhandling and shooting. At that point, a lighter stick will provide performance benefits.

By Michelle from Hagerstown, MD on June 6, 2014
what is the length/height of this stick? intermediate is 58" what is juniors?
By Customer Service on June 9, 2014

The Junior stick is 54"

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