Mylec 304 Eclipse Jet Flo Hockey Stick

Mylec 304 Eclipse Jet Flo Hockey Stick

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Mylec 304 Eclipse Jet Flo Hockey Stick

  • Features the original patented Jet-Flo design
  • Specifically engineered to reduce wind resistance
  • Allows air to "flo" through the holes freely, so you can shoot harder and faster
  • Features the traditional two-piece design assembled with two screws for a secure fit
  • Length is 53 Inches
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Mylec 304 Eclipse Jet Flo Hockey Stick
By Tristan Robinson from Lenexa, Kansas or Bethany, Missouri on February 5, 2014
How durable is it and can it be used for road hockey ?
By Customer Service on February 6, 2014

Yes, it is designed specifically for street hockey and holds up quite well in that application. It is not intended for ice hockey, nor is it intended to be used with ice hockey pucks. The best use for it is on the street/driveway with a ball or roller hockey puck.

By Ana from New York, NY on September 29, 2014
Does it have a plastics blade? Also - does it have a butt-ended cap?
By Customer Service on September 30, 2014

Yes, the blade is plastic and is designed for street hockey. It does not have an end cap. The shaft is made of wood.

Construction MaterialMulti-Lam Wood
BladeNylon Blade
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Made In-