Mylec Dangler Hockey Stick - Senior

Mylec Dangler Hockey Stick - Senior

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Mylec Dangler Hockey Stick - Senior

Mylec's 60" Dangler Composite Stick is the first composite, one piece design stick developed specifically for off ice hockey. The stick features a pro stock composite shaft and an ABS blade. The ABS blade will give you the durability needed when playing on non ice surfaces. Great weight, feel and optimum curve for ball hockey play.

Key Features
  • Length: 60"
  • Composite shaft
  • ABS blade

ABS Sticks are not intended for ice hockey. They are designed for inline and street hockey use only.

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Mylec Dangler Hockey Stick - Senior
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars
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Pure Awesome
July 19, 2013
I bought it on a whim from my local shop. I have used everybody's abs bladed wood sticks and this blows them all away. While I don't think it is strong enough to play with a puck, if you're playing with a ball you can't beat this stick. It is the only composite stick with an abs blade. I have used my older composite ice sticks for ball hockey before and this stick matches their weight but the lighter abs blade makes wrist motions lightning fast. I typically wouldn't think that Mylec could make a composite stick but it is pretty good quality and I like that someone is finally trying to make a higher end off-ice stick. Almost forgot to mention, the blade is great for dangling with a ball just like the name suggests.
Lightweight Off-ice Wicked Curve Quality
Not best for puck play

By Brian from Sunrise, FL on April 12, 2015
Do you know what the flex is on this stick?
By Customer Service on April 14, 2015

85 Flex

By Brian from Sunrise, FL on February 9, 2015
What is the lie on this stick?
By Customer Service on February 10, 2015

Unfortunately Mylec doesn't provide Lies, but it appears to be a 5.

Construction MaterialCarbon/Fiberglass Composite
BladeFiberglass Reinforced Wood ABS Blade
Additional Features-
Made In-