Mission Pitch 2 Junior Ice Hockey Skate Runner

Mission Pitch 2 Junior Ice Hockey Skate Runner

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Mission Pitch 2 Junior Ice Hockey Skate Runner

  • Stainless steel runner
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Mission Pitch 2 Junior Ice Hockey Skate Runner
By jean herrington from pt pleasant nj on January 4, 2014
is this a single blade or is there a pair? what size skate does this fit? i have a mission 6.5 D fuel 95 AG
By Customer Service on January 6, 2014

It is a single runner. The 230mm runner is made for size 3 Skates. Unfortunately, you're going to have a hard time finding Mission Steel in your size.

By corey from new york on January 17, 2015
Would these runners fit Mission nme-nine-1 skates?
By Customer Service on January 20, 2015

Unfortunately they will not fit. They only work with the Pitch 2 holders.

By Hugh from Niagara Falls, New York on February 6, 2014
Hello! Would these blades fit the Mission Amp 5 size 3? Thank you!
By Customer Service on February 6, 2014

Unfortunately, I don't think they're the correct size. Back when the Amp 5 Skates were manufactured, Mission was still on the "true-to-shoe" sizing system. That means that a size 3.0 Mission Skate was the equivalent of a size 1.5 Bauer Skate.

Now, looking at Bauer's runner chart, a 1.5 skate takes 212mm runners. The size 3.0 Bauer Skate takes 230mm runners, but unfortunately, as I was saying before, the Mission sizing of that day was true-to-shoe, which means that the 230mm runner would actually work for a size 4.0 or 4.5 Mission Skate.

At this point, finding any Mission Pitch 2 Runners is going to be extremely difficult. I'm amazed that we have any left. That being said, sadly, it may just be time to hang up the Amp 5's and grab a new pair.