Hi-Lo Swiss LE 608 Inline Hockey Bearings

Hi-Lo Swiss LE 608 Inline Hockey Bearings

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Hi-Lo Swiss LE 608 Inline Hockey Bearings

The number one name in chassis, HI-LO, brings the proven HI-LO advantage to bearings, wheels and replacement parts.

  • Swiss Engineered Components
  • Made to last precision
  • Material #1040393
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Hi-Lo Swiss LE 608 Inline Hockey Bearings
By Mark from Chicago, IL on April 22, 2014
How do these rate compared to ABEC-9 bearings?
By Customer Service on April 29, 2014

Swiss bearings have a higher tolerance than ABEC-9 Bearings. Swiss Bearings are the highest rated bearings available.

By Kim from Deptford nj on December 25, 2013
My son wanted the elite what is the difference? He has mission hi-lo, so does that mean he has to have the mission le?
By Customer Service on December 27, 2013

He can use any 608 Standard Bearings. There are a few companies that make the Swiss bearings, which are simply the highest quality bearings for inline hockey. The Swiss Elite bearings are a model made by Bones. The Mission Swiss LE 608 Bearings would be a great choice.

By Bill from Media, Pennsylvania on September 7, 2014
I bought 2 Mission DSX 4-packs of 72mm and 76mm wheels and plan to make them Hi-Lo. Is there anything wrong with doing that? Also, are Hi-Lo bearings reccomended for doing this?
By Customer Service on September 8, 2014

That should work just fine if you have a Hi-Lo chassis, but we always recommend going with the exact Manufacturer-prescribed sizes. The Hi-Lo bearings are a good choice, but any Standard 608 bearings will work.