Mission Hi-Lo Magnesium Inline Hockey Chassis

Mission Hi-Lo Magnesium Inline Hockey Chassis

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Mission Hi-Lo Magnesium Inline Hockey Chassis

    Magnesium is ultra-lightweight and ultra-strong for maximum coolness

Mission Frame/Chassis Sizing Chart

Mission Frame/Chassis Sizing
Frame Size Small Medium Large
Skate Size 6 - 7.5 8 - 9.5 10 - 12
Mission Hi-Lo Magnesium Inline Hockey Chassis
By John Gattone from havertown Pa on July 8, 2013
What size wheels would go with this chassis?
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on July 8, 2013

80-80-76-76 (back to front)

By Justin Pacheco from Philadelphia,Pennsylvania on February 4, 2014
What is the difference from hi lo chassis vs regular chassis
By Customer Service on February 5, 2014

The Hi-Lo chassis has two 80mm wheels in the back and two 76mm wheels in the front (for senior sizes).

Other manufacturers have their own configurations.

For instance, Tour, Labeda, CCM and Reebok use a straight setup, which has 4 wheels of the same size on each chassis. The senior sizes have four 80mm wheels on each chassis.

The main difference in terms of performance is a trade-off of speed vs cornering. The straight setup (all 80mm wheels) is said to allow you to skate at higher speeds on straightaways and accelerate more quickly because of the increased surface area of the wheels touching the skating surface. The Hi-Lo Setup is said to allow you to take tighter turns and quicker crossovers because the front wheels are smaller.

By T from VA on May 16, 2014
Would this chassis be able to use a 72/80mm wheel setup?
By Customer Service on May 20, 2014

It's doable, but not optimal. You may have to much rocker because of the way the axles are positioned in the chassis.

By Bob from Norcross, GA on October 13, 2014
Will these fit an old pair of Mission Helium H950's?
By Customer Service on October 13, 2014

Yes, they will fit, but the holes might not all line up. And, unless the skates are in good condition, I would recommend going with a new pair of skates because when you have to drill new holes in the outsole, particularly with older skates, it can weaken the material. Also, depending on whether you're doing the work yourself or taking the skates to a pro shop to have the chassis put on, you may end up paying close to the price of a newer, better pair of skates once all is said and done. But, that's just my personal opinion. I know that old skates feel like home, so they can be hard to let go of sometimes!

By Ted from Pinckney, MI on August 16, 2013
How much difference is weight is there between these and the Aluminum chassis? Are there any other differences? Basically I'm trying to decide which I want to buy to convert a pair of Ice Skates to inline skates. Any advise you have is welcome.
By Customer Service on August 23, 2013

There are no published weights for the Mission chassis you're asking about but the Magnesium chassis is one of the lightest chassis available on the market.