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Miken Razor Z9 Senior Grip Hockey Stick

Miken Razor Z9 Senior Grip Hockey Stick

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Miken Razor Z9 Senior Grip Hockey Stick

  • Z1000 Fiber - Miken's exclusive Z1000 carbon fiber is the highest grade material utilized in sports equipment, with properties rated for aerospace applications. Z1000's strength and modulus exceeds that of any composite stick on the market, eliminating unneeded resin to reduce weight and create superior balance.
  • Zipfoam blade - Miken's premium Zipfoam high elongation foam core injected blade reduces weight to increase responsiveness and provide greater feel. Tested and proven to deliver improved velocity on all shots.
  • Razor Z9 Flex profile is fine tuned for pro level play, utilizing a low flex point and graduated stiffness traveling to lower shaft, creating greater velocity from every shot.
  • Weight: 455 grams
  • Length: 60"

Miken Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

BP10 BP12 BP14 BP23
Miken BP10 Curve; Miken BP10 Blade Pattern; Miken BP10 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken BP12 Curve; Miken BP12 Blade Pattern; Miken BP12 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken BP14 Curve; Miken BP14 Blade Pattern; Miken BP14 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken BP23 Curve; Miken BP23 Blade Pattern; Miken BP23 Hockey Stick Curve

BP40 BP41 BP5 BP77
Miken BP40 Curve; Miken BP40 Blade Pattern; Miken BP40 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken BP41 Curve; Miken BP41 Blade Pattern; Miken BP41 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken BP5 Curve; Miken BP5 Blade Pattern; Miken BP5 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken BP77 Curve; Miken BP77 Blade Pattern; Miken BP77 Hockey Stick Curve

BP8 BP88    
Miken BP8 Curve; Miken BP8 Blade Pattern; Miken BP8 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken BP88 Curve; Miken BP88 Blade Pattern; Miken BP88 Hockey Stick Curve

Miken Razor Z9 Senior Grip Hockey Stick