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Miken AccuFlex 2.0 Junior Hockey Stick - 55 Flex

Miken AccuFlex 2.0 Junior Hockey Stick - 55 Flex

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Miken AccuFlex 2.0 Junior Hockey Stick - 55 Flex

  • R900 Material to give the best performance characteristics while improving overall performance, weight and balance.
  • Enhanced radial dimensions of the shaft give every player a greater sense of feel in their hands.
  • Precise flex-to-length ratio for any player needing the best performance for their game.
  • Gives younger players the best chance to get the performance they are looking for out of their stick.
  • With six different flex-to-length ratio options, players will get a stick that shouldn't need to be cut. This will ensure that the player gets the performance out of the stick because of no stiffening of the stick after cutting.
  • M-Tac offering only
  • Length: 52"
  • Lie 5
  • BP88 & BP10 only
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Miken Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

Miken BP5 Curve; Miken BP5 Blade Pattern; Miken BP5 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP8 Curve; Miken BP8 Blade Pattern; Miken BP8 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP10 Curve; Miken BP10 Blade Pattern; Miken BP10 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP12 Curve; Miken BP12 Blade Pattern; Miken BP12 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP14 Curve; Miken BP14 Blade Pattern; Miken BP14 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP23 Curve; Miken BP23 Blade Pattern; Miken BP23 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP40 Curve; Miken BP40 Blade Pattern; Miken BP40 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP41 Curve; Miken BP41 Blade Pattern; Miken BP41 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP77 Curve; Miken BP77 Blade Pattern; Miken BP77 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken BP88 Curve; Miken BP88 Blade Pattern; Miken BP88 Hockey Stick Curve
Miken AccuFlex 2.0 Junior Hockey Stick - 55 Flex
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

Great stick for in-between players
April 19, 2012
I bought the 55 flex Intermediate stick for my son because he is too tall to use a Junior stick and not strong enough yet to use a 67 flex that other brands sell as intermediate. He loves the stick. He used it for the whole second half of the season this year and it still looks great. He is able to stick handle as good as ever and his shot is much harder now that he has a stick that fits properly.

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