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Hockey Giant's Low Price Guarantee

We believe that HockeyGiant.com has the lowest and best prices for new in stock merchandise of any U.S. based on-line hockey equipment retailer.  Because we are the largest on-line hockey equipment retailer, we are often able to offer products at prices lower than those offered by our competitors.  However, internet pricing can be volatile, and you may occasionally find a lower price on a specific item.  If you do find a lower price on the identical brand and model of an item from a competitor who has the item in stock and is able to fulfill your order, and we are able to verify the price, we will gladly match it.  Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-633-5999 and we will provide you with details on price verification and matching.  We are unable to offer a low price guarantee on one of a kind or other limited quantity offers, or when a bonus or free offer is included in the purchase, or when a competitor has improperly or unlawfully advertised a price.

Please call 1-800-633-5999 for details.