Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight - 2 Pounds

Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight - 2 Pounds

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Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight - 2 Pounds

The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight is a training device designed to increase shot velocity, stick handling skills, and upper body strength. Every hockey player needs it (your competition is already using it). This is a serious stick weight for serious hockey players.

It is available in both one and two pound weights.

Benefits Include:

  • The weight is cleverly concealed in the shaft of the stick so athletes are able to use it on any hollow shafted stick and no one will even know it's there.
  • The weight is evenly balanced throughout the shaft of the stick, eliminating a 'heavy spot'- usually near the blade where traditional weights are fastened.
  • The weight is easily installed, removed and transferred to another stick within seconds.
  • The weight is a fraction of the cost of a weighted stick and it gives you the benefit of being able to train using your favorite sticks. You can use your preferred pattern and lie.
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Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight - 2 Pounds
1 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
New Jersey
1 Stars

January 28, 2015
A lot of money for a metal bar

By Mike from Chicago, Illinois on May 17, 2015
Are these weights universal or do you need to designate whether you need a junior or senior size? The only options presented are the weight amounts.
By Customer Service on May 18, 2015

The only option we have available is the 2 pound option which is for use with Senior sticks only.