Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

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4.5 Stars based on 22 Review(s)
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Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

  • New urethane compound in a full radius that tested superior for long wear.
  • New durable formula gives skaters the winning edge on smooth and rough cement, or asphalt surfaces.
  • Durometer: 84A

Inline Wheels Sold Individually
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Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels
4.5 Stars based on 22 Review(s)
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 28, 2014
These wheels are very durable on asphalt but you sacrifice some of the grip. I slip and slide every time I take a hard turn. If your not a very aggressive skater and are just looking for longevity, than these are perfect. For me, I prefer a wheel with a little more grip.
Pros: Durable Cons: Not enough grip

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best outdoor wheels....
November 3, 2014
Great wheels...
Best outdoor wheels, hands down.

Baltimore, MD
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Ultimate Outdoor Wheels
July 28, 2014
As a 200lb guy who plays a lot of outdoor hockey on concrete I had a huge problem getting wheels to last. Once I switched to these Labeda asphalt wheels, there is no going back. Great performance, grippy enough for turning, controllable stops, and super long lasting.
The only long-lasting solution for larger outdoor roller hockey players.

Capn Dutch
Lancaster, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The go-to wheels for outdoor!
January 7, 2014
I play 2-4 times a week and way about 190lbs. I play on some pretty crude blacktop. They easily lasted me a full three month season playing about 6hrs a week. I've had two sets over the last 11 months. Just bought a third set and i plan on getting through this season and most of the way through the summer no problem. Worth the money
None really.

New Mexico
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

200+ hours on Tennis Court
May 5, 2013
These are by far the best wheels I have used. Great grip without sacrificing durability!
Durability and Grip
After using them for so long they tend to mold around the bearing

5 Stars

Awesome on asphalt!
October 17, 2012
The best wheel for asphalt! Especially for a person that is over 6 ft tall and over 220 lbs! Last a long time!

5 Stars

Best Durability
October 4, 2012
Longest lasting wheels on the market. GREAT WHEEL!

5 Stars

Excellent Wheels
October 4, 2012
I play road hockey on a regualr basis and I have to say that these are the best wheels you could possibly buy in terms of durability and overall quality. The grip is not outstanding but still sufficient enough to the point that it's not a problem.

hockey dude
5 Stars

best outdoor wheels around
April 28, 2012
these wheels are excellent !!!! great grip

5 Stars

Best wheel so far
April 15, 2012
I usually don't write reviews, but these wheels are the best I have used. I have been playing inline hockey for 11 years and have tried tons of different wheels. These are the best, by far. Good durability, good wearing, can slide for hockey stops, lots of grip for turning, and they won't tear apart.

Neil Hudson
5 Stars

Best Wheels Out There
September 17, 2011
I weigh 225 lbs and am a very good skater. I spend 6-8 hours a week playing hockey on an asphalt rink. As a defenseman I put a lot of hard wear on the front wheel and my skates are set up to run 72mm in front. Although I can only get a week of use out of these wheels on the front axle, the back 3 wheels on each side wear very well (for me). I normally pull wheels from the back up front as they wear. All of the other outdoor wheels I have used wont last me a week. I highly recommend these wheels!!!

5 Stars

Best on the market
June 22, 2011
I have bought these wheels for years. They last me and my son pretty much one summer. Any other wheels only last one to two weeks. We skate on very course asphalt and they are by far the best!

Senior Roller
5 Stars

April 28, 2011
I do hockey workouts on large parking lots and have put about 20 hours on my first set of these. The guy in the store recommended them and they have been great - I haven't even used the wheels that came with my skates but will replace these with the same thing again.

Dalton S
5 Stars

February 16, 2011
This wheels are awesome! i weigh 200 pounds and am 6 foot tall and these wheels are great. I play outdoor on a concrete surface daily and i play goalie on an indoor team these wheels are perfect for both indoor/outdoor play. best wheels i ever bought. deffinatly worth it.

5 Stars

Great Wheels
February 8, 2011
I dont understand the negative reviews on these wheels. im 6'5 210 and these wheels are great. they usually last me 2 seasons playing 5 hours a week outdoor on cement.

5 Stars

Worth it
August 4, 2010
Like a few others on here, I was going through the monthly process of putting on new Kuzak wheels and thought that was just the way it had to be. I was wrong. <br><br>I weigh about 230 lbs. and play 5 hours/wk on an outdoor rink with a ton of cracks on the surface, and these have held up for almost 4 months now. This includes a couple of games played on a rough tennis court surface, which easily took another month of life from the wheels.<br><br>For the people who wrote negative reviews, I can only think that you got a bad batch, or you're skating on some kind of sandpaper rink. I highly recommend these, as they are the most durable wheel I've used.

1 Stars

July 17, 2010
I don't get all of these reviews . I weigh 180 # I played one outdoor pick up game on black top and the wheels are falling apart. just like all of the "cheap " wheels.

3 Stars

June 21, 2010
These wheels are a workhouse. They took me almost 3 months to destroy and thats saying something. Only downside with these is the grip is definitely lacking. Great durability, Weak grip.

5 Stars

Great Wheels
June 14, 2010
The reviews are spot on. I used the original wheels that came with my skates and they last about a week outside (I rollerblade to and from work, about a 5k round trip). Then I bought these wheels and been using them ever since (at least 5 months now). a great deal, and you will get even more bang for your buck if you rotate them often enough....

Brandon L.
5 Stars

Best Outdoor Wheels
December 2, 2009
These wheels are great. I am 250 pounds and have played on these wheels for about 20 hours now. The edges are not even wearing down yet!! I'm possitive that these wheels will last a long time. Forget the Kuzak Outdoor wheels! Get these Labeda Asphalt wheels! You won't be disappointed!

5 Stars

Labeda Ashpalt Outdoor Wheels
September 20, 2009
I had kuzak outdoor wheels...fell apart really quickly.<br>These wheels are the most awsome outdoor wheels !!!<br>they fell cool when you skate...the difference is so big!<br>if you need outdoor wheels get them! totaly worth it

5 Stars

July 26, 2009
the coolest wheels ever plus last long ive had them for 5 years now getm now

By art locke from lubbock texas on November 23, 2013
what size bearings do these wheels require?
By Customer Service on November 26, 2013

Standard 608

By Greg Zingler from Jacksonville, NC on October 21, 2014
I'd like to buy these wheels for my Bauer Vapor X50R skates. What size Labeda wheels should I get to fit the skates? Thank you for your help!

By Customer Service on October 24, 2014

If they're senior skates, you'll need four 80mm wheels and four 76mm wheels.

By Alexandre from Quebec, Canada on June 2, 2013
I was wondering if these wheels will fit on my Vapor XR2?
By Jeremiah at on June 3, 2013

Yes, they will fit. You'll need to purchase four 76mm and four 80mm wheels.

By Eric J from Green Bay, WI on October 2, 2014
What bearings do I need to buy for these?

By Customer Service on October 9, 2014

Any of the Standard 608 Bearings we offer will work.

By Domi from Switzerland on February 17, 2014
Do this wheels also fit on the goalie skate Mission FL:5? Recommended? Thx!
By Customer Service on February 18, 2014

Yes, the FL:5 Skates work with 47mm and 59mm wheels. So you could go with the 59mm Asphalt Outdoor Wheels.

By Mike from Salem NH on May 26, 2014
What are the benefits of having 80 mm in the center of the chassis, and 76 mm wheels at the end of the chassis? Will 80 mm wheels fit in the middle of the chassis,if I've got 76 mm wheels all around?
By Customer Service on May 30, 2014

There's really no benefit to putting a rocker on your chassis. It will decrease your balance and ability to push off for full power in your stride.
By Pavel from Melbourne on June 29, 2014

The first answer above is not correct! Rockering your skates will give you much tighter turns as you are now on 2 wheels at all times rather than 4, which gives you less friction on your turns and lets you make faster and tighter turns. Your skates will be more like ice hockey skates. You will be slower but more agile.

By Nicholas from New York, NY on June 18, 2013
Should the quality of the wheels be as important as how they look on my skates? These were recommended to me and they got great reviews online, but they're orange and I have Tour 909s, any advice?
By Jeremiah at on June 19, 2013

Well... I suppose it depends on the player. Most hockey players (inline players, especially) are more concerned with the performance of their gear than the appearance of their gear, though it is safe to say that most players do care, to some degree, how their gear looks on them. Personally, performance always comes first for me - it's just an added benefit when you look as good as you can actually perform.

By Michael from Newport News, Virginia on September 2, 2014
I too have the Tour 909s and it has been awhile since I have played/had to replace wheels. I should be able to take the indoor(stock) wheels off, remove the bearings and spacers and pop into these and be good to go correct?
By Customer Service on September 2, 2014

Yes, that is correct.

By Joe from Bronx, NY on January 21, 2014
Are these wheels ready to have bearings installed? I've never seen wheels with no rim-like feature.
By Customer Service on January 21, 2014

Yes, all you'll need is standard spacers and bearings, which you will already have in your current wheels if you have skates. Just pop them out of your old wheels and put them into the new wheels and they'll be ready to go. The hub is solid because it's an outdoor wheel and needs to be more rigid and less flexible.