IDS Pro Shot Inline Hockey Puck

IDS Pro Shot Inline Hockey Puck

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3 Stars based on 22 Review(s)
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IDS Pro Shot Inline Hockey Puck

  • Replaceable, high-performance glide pins
  • Center molded for strict uniformity
  • 360 degree matched rebound
  • Specially formulated PVC body
  • Center-weighted for flatter play
  • 360 degree perimeter balance

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IDS Pro Shot Inline Hockey Puck
3 Stars based on 22 Review(s)
Coram, ny
1 Stars

Doesn't roll well
March 14, 2015
Does not work great on pavement. You really seem to need a very flat surface

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Decent puck
December 28, 2014
There's a couple better pucks such as sonic, Mach 1 and rocket that are heavier and a little more durable. What everyone says about these Ids pucks cracking is true. It seems to be only in the cold weather. I was playing in the outdoor rink today, the weather was 39* F. After taking a shot that hit the goal post, it cracked in half.
Good for war weather Good feel

3 Stars

September 18, 2012
Bounces alot glides well

5 Stars

June 19, 2012
great for passing, stick handling and shooting

3 Stars

Graet for games
November 18, 2011
Simple the best pucks when it comes to indoor Roller Hockey. However, not my preferred puck when practicing drills.

1 Stars

Easily Broken
November 4, 2011
I bought two of these pucks and I broke both of them in half from just shooting and hitting the posts.

4 Stars

Good puck
August 7, 2011
this puck is pretty good. i use it every time i play a pick-up game. it just likes to roll often, but it is easy to shoot and pass with.

Brandon L.
4 Stars

April 12, 2011
Good puck. This is my preferred puck.

5 Stars

January 22, 2011
They glide pefectly on sport court ive been playing since i was 5 with these pucks

3 Stars

Industry standard
October 26, 2010
I've been using these for years on smooth cement, and they're the average. Not terrible, and not great. They are useful for stickhandling speed training off-ice and pretty durable, but Ive seen better. Don't even bother on aspault or rougher cement.

2 Stars

June 7, 2010
These are the official pucks of my roller league... They're not half bad for pick up, but as has been said, they roll on edge way more than your average puck... and as has also been said, they bouce ridiculously on Sport Court... Hit a team mate with an outlet pass for a break away, it got slightly on edge and started bouncing... Took half the rink to settle it down and he had no where to go with it once he did. Good stick handling and shooting though. Great for puck hogs I guess.<br><br>Give it 2 stars for how it acts on sport court... If you're on a harder surface though I'd give it 4. No bounce problems at outdoor rink, only getting on edge more than normal puck

4 Stars

good puck
April 21, 2010
I got this puck as a present. It is a good puck. It doesn't flip much. The only bad thing is that the stilts erode quickly.

4 Stars

Great puck
April 7, 2010
Only puck we use for roller hockey in travel and high school, just not good in the winter cracked 15 in 1 scrimmage.

2 Stars

March 16, 2010
These are the preferred pucks where I currently play, but I?m really not a fan of them. They have good weight and aren?t bad to shoot with. However, they move sluggishly and pop up on edge a lot. I always feel like I have to babysit the thing when it?s on my blade. They don?t seem to move near as crisp as the RBK pucks or A&R pucks that I?m use to playing with.

5 Stars

March 7, 2010
great puck used at my rink light wight and easy to lift and im 11

1 Stars

January 28, 2010
This puck bounces like a super ball, I'm shocked at the number of good reviews here. For indoor I prefer the RBK, Sonic, and Rocket pucks over this useless puck.

1 Stars

Horrible on Sport Court
January 28, 2010
This puck is terrible on sport court, it's like playing with a racquetball. It also goes up on the edge and rolls a lot.<br><br>Definitely go with the sonic pucks!

4 Stars

Great puck
December 28, 2009
The inline hockey league I play in uses these pucks and theyare awesome. Easy to handle, but a little too heavy to easily score top shelf.

3 Stars

Good puck, BUT...
December 15, 2009
Play mostly at outdoor rink in Vegas. Puck is great Spring/Summer/Fall, but we break too many in Winter. If IDS had cold weather version, I'd give it 5 stars.

Brandon L.
4 Stars

Pretty Good
October 28, 2009
I do like these pucks better than the Sonic pucks. They are a more narrow but are fatter and heavier than the Sonics. The only downside is they roll on its side a liitle more than other pucks. But the great feel you have of this puck makes up the difference.

4 Stars

Nothing really Better
June 2, 2009
So they use this puck for indoor Roller Hockey at a place near me, so I bought a couple of them and used them at this outdoor rink. The puck is weighted in the center and has a nice feel to it when you stick handle and shoot. a lot better feel than the Mylec.<br><br>When the puck goes on it's side, let's face it, it's a pain in the ass, but all pucks are going to do that, even on the ice.<br><br>ONE PROBLEM: IN COLD WEATHER these pucks suck. use a cheaper puck because these pucks break like crazy in the cold. I broke 3 in one day. Mainly when you hit the post or even the boards. <br><br>Other than that, enjoy playing with arguably the best puck for inline hockey.

4 Stars

May 20, 2009
used to use all the time for travel league, thought they were the most fun compared to other inline pucks ive used

By Kurt from Jacksonville, FL on January 31, 2014
How much does the puck weigh?
By Customer Service on January 31, 2014

4 ounces

By Scott from Pittsburgh on January 4, 2014
Is buying a quanity cheaper
By Customer Service on January 6, 2014

Use the coupon code IDS10 at checkout when you order 10 or more and you'll get 10% off.

By Dave Halliday from Windsor, Ontario on April 25, 2013
It notes replaceable high performance glide pins... where can I purchase those?

By travis acker from Lancaster Pa on June 1, 2014
Are these pucks hard or can you bend them when it gets hot out i want the roller hockey pucks i used to play with that were real hard?

By Customer Service on June 2, 2014

They're not bendable. They ought to stay rigid even in high heat.