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Ice hockey players and inline hockey players have similar protective needs, but there are some key differences to make note of. Ice hockey pants, inline hockey pants and girdles are built to serve the protective needs of ice hockey players and inline hockey players by providing them with protection from hockey pucks, skates blades and other possible impacts while simultaneously addressing the players' needs for mobility, breathability and continuity with their team's uniform colors. Ice hockey pants are designed specifically for ice hockey players and inline hockey pants and girdles provide protection that is suited for inline hockey players, and you'll notice major visible differences in the construction of each type of pad as well as differences in the materials used.

Make sure that whether you're an ice hockey player or inline hockey player, you purchase the protective gear that will protect you most appropriately for the sport you're playing as well as the level at which you're competing. When you're properly protected, you can play more confidently because you are able to rely on your equipment to do its job. Elite level hockey players should always wear the best hockey pants and gear they can find so that they are properly protected. Beginners and intermediate level hockey players may not require the same degree of protection and might find that a mid or introductory level pad will serve them better.