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Recreational Ice Skates

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Ice skating recreationally can be a fun activity for families, friends and individuals of all ages. It may seem a little scary to imagine yourself out on the ice with so many other more experienced skaters whizzing by at high speeds, while you do your best just to stay on your feet. It's really not as tough as you think! Learning how to skate is fun and simple, and you'll probably be surprised at how quickly you learn.

Renting ice skates at your local arena each time you go to a public skating session can get pretty expensive. If you're planning to go skating even just a few times a year, you should consider purchasing your own pair of ice skates for a few reasons. First, recreational ice skates really don't cost very much, especially when you consider that the average pair is $60-70 and you're already paying about $10 each time you rent a pair. Second, the rental skates at the rink are usually old and worn out, providing very little ankle support and comfort; not to mention the fact that hundreds of other people have put their feet in that same pair of skates before you. Third, once you get used to your skates and break them in, you won't have to worry about readjusting to another pair of rental skates again – you can skate with confidence because you know you have a pair of recreational ice skates you can trust.