Labeda Hum'er Inline Hockey Axle/Spacer & Wrench Kit

Labeda Hum'er Inline Hockey Axle/Spacer & Wrench Kit

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Labeda Hum'er Inline Hockey Axle/Spacer & Wrench Kit

  • 8 Axles, 8 Spacers, 1 Skate Tool with Bearing Pusher
  • Compatible: Labeda Hum'er Chassis
Labeda Hum'er Inline Hockey Axle/Spacer & Wrench Kit
By Josh Lertzman from Nor Cal on July 5, 2013
Is this the hardware to replace stripped or missing screws that hold my wheels in place?
By Jeremiah at on July 5, 2013

Yes, the axles serve as a replacement for the axles that come with the Labeda Hum'er Chassis. If you have a 2-piece axle (screw and bolt) as opposed to the all-in-one axle and screw that threads directly into the chassis, this set won't work for you. Go with something like the Sonic Extender Axle Kit instead.

By Jim from Gaithersburg, Maryland on May 22, 2014
I need 8 mm axles and screws as in picture #2 on your "how to buy" page. Do the axles and screws in this pack match that size? They are Bauer hi-lo skates size 5.
By Customer Service on June 3, 2014

The Mission Hi-Lo Axle & Spacer Kit would be the best choice for you. The Hummer Kit won't work with a Bauer/Mission Chassis because the Hummer Axles are one-sided and screw directly into the chassis.

By Stephen from Ridley, PA on November 10, 2014
I have Tour Code Blue In-Line Hockey Skates that use Labeda 80MM X-Soft Wheels. Is this kit compatible?
By Customer Service on November 10, 2014

We no longer have any of the Code Blue Skates in stock, so we don't have a way of checking to be 100% sure, but if the chassis uses 1-sided axles with a thread that goes directly into the chassis on the inside edge of the chassis, then they will work.