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How to Buy Ice Hockey Holders & Runners

Ice Hockey Holders & Runners Buying Guide

Here is some advice from HockeyGiant.com on how to buy Ice Hockey Skate Holders & Runners

Ice hockey skates are assembled in 3 pieces with a boot, a holder and a runner (blade). Skate manufacturers have patents on the boots that they produce, as well as the holders and runners that are fixed to the skates. This means that when you buy a particular brand of hockey skates they will come with a certain brand or style of holder that is associated with that manufacturer and skate model. For instance, Bauer hockey skates are assembled with TUUK holders and runners whereas CCM Skates are assembled with SpeedBlade Holders and runners.

Hockey Skate Diagram

Replacement holders and runners are offered for individual sale because from time to time they break, and in most cases the boot is still in good condition. So it's a convenient and cost effective way to simply replace the broken holder and/or runner rather than buying a brand new pair of skates. Also, after many sharpenings the steel gets thin and must be replaced before it becomes too thin to skate on. In addition, many players develop a strong preference or strict partiality to one brand of holders/runners and so choose to have different holders/runners mounted to their boots. This is a fairly common procedure and most hockey pro-shops will replace both holders for $40 to $50, not including the cost of the holders/runners.

Skate Models & Corresponding Holders/Runners

When you purchase a pair of ice hockey skates they come assembled with a specific brand of holders/runners that are associated with that brand of hockey skates. Here is a list of some of the most common and current top of the line skates and the holders/runners that are included upon assembly by the skate manufacturer.

Bauer Vapor 1X Skates

Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Skates

Bauer Nexus 8000 Skates

CCM JetSpeed Skates

CCM RibCor 50K Skates

CCM Tacks Skates

Easton Mako II Skates

Graf Ultra 9035 Skates

  • Holder: Ultra 5000
  • Runner: Cobra

Consider your options

When you purchase a pair of ice hockey skates your primary concern should always be the fit of the boot, but it is important to consider the quality and function of the holders/runners that come with the boot. For example, some holders are made to put you on your toes rather than your heels, such as the Cobra holders that come with Graf Skates. Some runners, like the CCM Proformance Lite Runners are scalloped, which means that they have holes in them to decrease weight. You should take some time to consider your options and do your best to match up your playing style with a holder/runner that will complement your strengths and weaknesses as a skater.