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Reebok Hockey Equipment

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Reebok is one of the leading manufacturers of ice and inline hockey equipment for both players and goalies. Reebok protective hockey gear uses some of the best technology on the market, including JDP® (Joint Discharge Principle). JDP® was first used on Jofa protective gear and helped Jofa become the top elbow, shin and shoulder pad choice of NHL players. With their acquisition of Jofa, along with other CCM-related brands, Reebok was able to obtain and implement many of the features and technologies that made Jofa such a popular choice for so many years.

Reebok hockey skates and sticks are also made with a high level of quality and performance value. A couple of the most unique features in the entire hockey skate market are the Pump® and Reebok's patented Skate Lock (lace lock). These two features, along with many others, make Reebok ice and inline hockey skates some of the most comfortable and customizable hockey skates available. Reebok hockey sticks are always gaining popularity, with constant research and testing to produce some of the lightest and highest-performing hockey sticks you'll find.