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CCM Hockey Sticks, Shafts & Blades

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CCM is one of the original manufacturers of hockey sticks, skates and protective gear, dating all the way back to the early 20th century. Their years of experience and dedication to innovation have kept them among the top hockey brands in every category - including hockey sticks, shafts and blades.

CCM's newest line of hockey sticks is the RBZ line, inspired by technology developed at TaylorMade®,another industry leader in the world of sports equipment. Their goal was to create a stick that was "Freakishly Fast". It manifested itself in the form of a technology that defies the conventional designs that have been used to construct hockey stick blades for years by eliminating the foam core. This created a spring-board-like effect on the face of the blade, increasing puck speed upon the release of a shot.

The full line of CCM Hockey Sticks is designed for quick, accurate shooting and highly consistent performance, all the way from the RBZ Stage 2, down to the RBZ 100, RBZ 80 and RBZ 40.