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CCM has revolutionized their hockey stick line with the introduction of the RBZ hockey stick. The RBZ was the result of a collaborative effort between CCM and TaylorMade®, with CCM adopting the RBZ technology from TaylorMade's golf clubs with SpeedBallz technology. It was adapted for a hockey stick blade and renamed as SpeedBlade technology, a revolutionary blade design that increases puck speed. The RBZ Stage 2 Stick has the SpeedBlade 2 with Freak Channels, the new upgrade to the Speed Channels found in the first generation RBZ Stick, to provide an additional 20% C.O.R.

The entire line of CCM RBZ hockey sticks is as impressive graphically as it is technologically. The lower portion of the shaft all the way down through the blade is white, while the top half of the shaft is bold red and black. CCM has also updated their blade patterns to give every player a fine-tuned curve to fit his own style of play.