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Bauer Hockey Sticks & Blades

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Bauer is the most popular hockey brand among professional, amateur and recreational hockey players of all ages and skill levels. It is the mission of Bauer to provide players with the highest quality products available, from sticks and skates to helmets and gloves. Hockey Giant is proud to carry every Bauer hockey stick model from the Bauer Vapor APX to the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG and brand new Bauer Nexus 1000 model. If you're looking for performance, reliability and consistency, look no further than Bauer for the most trusted name in hockey. Get your Bauer hockey stick, shaft or replacement blade at Hockey Giant today.

Bauer One Piece Composite Hockey Sticks
Bauer one piece composite sticks are always among the most popular sticks produced each and every year, all the while increasing in popularity as they push the envelope with breakthrough technologies. With the addition of the brand new Nexus line of products, Bauer has a dynamic trio of product families, each of which offers a unique set of performance characteristics to address the needs of a specific type of player. The Nexus, Supreme and Vapor lines each contain a number of models built for highly competitive players and other models built for intermediate and beginner level hockey players. The technological features and materials used in each model vary, with the most advanced models at the higher end of the price spectrum and the beginner models priced more affordably. Bauer has a hockey stick for everyone, young or old, enthusiastic beginner or seasoned veteran.

Bauer Replacement Hockey Blades
If you like to mix and match different hockey shaft and blade models, or you just like the convenience of changing the blade in your shaft once it wears down, Bauer hockey replacement blades are a good choice for you. Bauer offers a variety of tapered and standard hosel blades in each price range. You can choose from lightweight composite and economical wood replacement blades in junior and senior sizes with the Bauer curve of your choice.

Bauer Hockey Stick Shafts
Bauer hockey shafts are constructed with great precision, just like their one piece counterparts. Available in both tapered and standard hosel designs, you can find top of the line Vapor, Supreme and Nexus shafts as well as intermediate and beginner level models for players who want a high quality shaft with a smaller price tag. Bauer hockey shafts are built in Junior, Intermediate and Senior sizes with each of the most popular flex ratings.