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Bauer Hockey Stick Shafts
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Bauer Vapor APX Tapered Hockey Shaft
The Bauer Vapor APX shaft is equipped with Intelli-Sense technology, senses your shot and adjusts to deliver a perfect shot every time. This groundbreaking design features dual flex zones for maximized performance benefits. The Bauer APX shaft also features the new patented TeXtreme material, making the shaft incredibly lightweight and strong. The Vapor APX Shaft has a .520 taper, so make sure to pair it up with a tapered blade.

Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Hockey Shaft
The new Supreme Total One NXG Shaft is built with eLASTech technology and lightweight TeXtreme, making it responsive and durable. The NXG Shaft also has an Amplified Mid Kick Point and square concave shaft walls to give it a solid, traditional feel. If you're looking for power, the Bauer Supreme NXG Shaft is the best choice for you. With a .620 hosel, you'll need a standard .620 blade to go along with the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Shaft.