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Hockey is a contact sport that demands a great amount of physical sacrifice on the part of every player. Every hockey player encounters situations that could result in serious, permanent damage to the brain and skull each time they step onto the ice. General awareness of the serious effects of concussions and other head injuries has risen in recent years, which has generated a surge in research and development for better head protection. We certainly have no desire to discourage players from participating with all of the intensity and fervor that has always characterized the great game of ice hockey, but we want to stress that it certainly isn't a game for the fainthearted.

Hockey Giant carries all of the best hockey helmets available, from manufacturers like Bauer, Cascade, Easton, Warrior, Reebok, CCM and other industry leaders. If there's one piece of protective equipment that's worth investing in, it's a high quality hockey helmet. We have helmets in every price range with a variety of special features that are built for your convenience, comfort and protection. Whether you're an adult league hockey player, a mini mite in your first years on the ice or a highly-competitive, elite hockey player, we have a hockey helmet that will provide a great fit, stylish looks and superior protection. And almost every hockey helmet model we carry is offered with or without a cage, so you have the option of purchasing your hockey cage, visor or shield separately.

Hockey helmet sizing is typically determined by measuring your head circumference in inches or centimeters. Sometimes, manufacturers also provide equivalent hat size information for people who are more comfortable using that measurement. Helmets aren't usually sold in youth, junior and senior models like most other protective hockey gear. Instead, each helmet model comes in 3 to 5 different adjustable sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large) that accommodate players of all ages. There are some models that are labeled "Youth" or "Junior" helmets. Usually, these helmets are built with the same circumference measurements as standard, X-Small helmets. The main difference is that you usually don't have any kind of adjustment mechanism on a Youth helmet, a feature you often do have with an X-Small helmet.

Proper head protection could not be more important, so if you have any questions about our selection of hockey helmets, please call our customer service department and we will gladly help you find the information you're looking for.