Gongshow Trapper - Senior

Gongshow Trapper - Senior

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Gongshow Trapper - Senior

  • Made with Goalie Pad Material, Retro Helmet Straps that can snap to button grids to create different looks

Each step you take, is a step close to freedom. Below your feet, the snow crunches as you see your destination in the distance. As you arrive, you sit down and remove your gloves. The smell of a wood fire burning in the hut you are in fills your nostrils and you begin to relax. After lacing up your skates, you stand up and throw on a masterpeice - a hat built for the outdoor rink. You walk out of the hut towards the sounds of kids yelling for a pass in the other end - you zone out. You look over your shoulder to see your dad walking behind you towards the ice. Your life, in some ways, has been defined by this game.......

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Gongshow Trapper - Senior
By clyde from on March 26, 2014
What is the hat made out of? Leather? Faux Fur? Rabit Fur? Plastic?
By Customer Service on March 27, 2014

The outer portion is made of synthetic leather. The inside is made of synthetic fur.