Graf Supra F65 AC Wood Hockey Stick - Senior

Graf Supra F65 AC Wood Hockey Stick - Senior

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Graf Supra F65 AC Wood Hockey Stick - Senior

  • Aircraft core shaft
  • Fiberglass reinforced blade

Graf Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

Graf GP22 Curve; Graf GP22 Blade Pattern; Graf GP22 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP44 Curve; Graf GP44 Blade Pattern; Graf GP44 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP55 Curve; Graf GP55 Blade Pattern; Graf GP55 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP66 Curve; Graf GP66 Blade Pattern; Graf GP66 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP77 Curve; Graf GP77 Blade Pattern; Graf GP77 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP88 Curve; Graf GP88 Blade Pattern; Graf GP88 Hockey Stick Curve
Graf Blade Pattern Comparison Chart
Graf Pattern Easton Bauer Reebok CCM
GP22 P3/E3 P92 P87A P19
GP44 P6/E6 P91A - -
GP55 P5/E5 P02 - -
GP66 - P106 P36A -
GP88 P7/E7 P88 P40 P40
Graf Supra F65 AC Wood Hockey Stick - Senior
By Dave Whitehouse from Ridgefield, CT on November 25, 2013
Do you know the flex of this stick? Does the F65 label imply a 65 flex?
By Customer Service on November 26, 2013

F65 is just the model. It's an 85 Flex Stick.

By Jeff from fort worth on December 12, 2013
How long is this stick?
By Customer Service on December 12, 2013


By Wade from Tx on September 30, 2015
good for ice hockey?
By Customer Service on September 30, 2015

Yes, it can be used for ice hockey.

By John from washington, DC on October 13, 2014
Do you have the F65 with the Coffey curve in stock?
By Customer Service on October 13, 2014

Unfortunately that pattern is no longer available. All we have at this point is the GP22.

But, we have several other sticks from other brands with the Coffey Curve.

Construction MaterialAircraft Core Wood
BladeFiberglass Reinforced Wood Blade
Additional Features-
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