Graf Supra ABS F35 Wood Hockey Stick - Youth

Graf Supra ABS F35 Wood Hockey Stick - Youth

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Graf Supra ABS F35 Wood Hockey Stick - Youth

  • Multi laminiate shaft
  • Fiberglass reinfoced ABS blade
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Graf Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

Graf GP22 Curve; Graf GP22 Blade Pattern; Graf GP22 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP44 Curve; Graf GP44 Blade Pattern; Graf GP44 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP55 Curve; Graf GP55 Blade Pattern; Graf GP55 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP66 Curve; Graf GP66 Blade Pattern; Graf GP66 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP77 Curve; Graf GP77 Blade Pattern; Graf GP77 Hockey Stick Curve Graf GP88 Curve; Graf GP88 Blade Pattern; Graf GP88 Hockey Stick Curve
Graf Blade Pattern Comparison Chart
Graf Pattern Easton Bauer Reebok CCM
GP22 P3/E3 P92 P87A P19
GP44 P6/E6 P91A - -
GP55 P5/E5 P02 - -
GP66 - P106 P36A -
GP88 P7/E7 P88 P40 P40
Graf Supra ABS F35 Wood Hockey Stick - Youth
By logan stone from killeen tx on November 20, 2014
is this for ages 11 and12
By Customer Service on November 21, 2014

It will be too small for most 11 and 12 year old skaters. You will need to look at Junior Sticks.

By Jerry from Mn on February 18, 2015
Are ABS blades good for ice hockey's?
By Customer Service on February 18, 2015

We don't typically recommend ABS sticks for ice hockey because of the weight of the puck. ABS blades are best equipped for street hockey use or inline hockey with a roller hockey puck or ball.

By Adam Chiles from Yorba Linda, california on March 6, 2014
will this stand up to slap shots on asphalt

By Customer Service on March 7, 2014

To a degree, yes. ABS sticks are the best choice for asphalt use, but every stick has its limitations on rough surfaces. Slapshots on asphalt will eventually cause any blade to deteriorate. ABS blades are your best bet though.

By Frank from Kings Park, NY on December 19, 2014
Does the F35 stand for Flex of 35? Also, what is the length?
By Customer Service on December 19, 2014

It does not. F35 is the model number. The flex is approximately 40 on most Youth Sticks.

By Marc from on February 11, 2015
What is the length?

By Customer Service on February 12, 2015

48 Inches

Construction MaterialMulti-Lam Wood
BladeFiberglass Reinforced Wood ABS Blade
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