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Graf Supra ABS F35 Senior Wood Hockey Stick

Graf Supra ABS F35 Senior Wood Hockey Stick

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Graf Supra ABS F35 Senior Wood Hockey Stick

  • Multi laminiate shaft
  • Fiberglass reinfoced ABS blade

Graf Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

P22 P44 P55
Graf P22 Curve; Graf P22 Blade Pattern; Graf P22 Hockey Stick Curve

Graf P44 Curve; Graf P44 Blade Pattern; Graf P44 Hockey Stick Curve

Graf P55 Curve; Graf P55 Blade Pattern; Graf P55 Hockey Stick Curve

P66 P77  
Graf P66 Curve; Graf P66 Blade Pattern; Graf P66 Hockey Stick Curve

Graf P77 Curve; Graf P77 Blade Pattern; Graf P77 Hockey Stick Curve

Graf Supra ABS F35 Senior Wood Hockey Stick
By Teddy from Townsend, Ma on October 31, 2013
Is this an ice hockey or street hockey stick. I recently ordered 4 sticks but they are street hockey. I am a little disappointed that they weren't advertised as street hockey sticks so if I am to order new ones I want to make sure they are for ice hockey not street hockey
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on October 31, 2013

Most sticks with an ABS blade are made for street hockey because the blade won't splinter and break as easily as traditional wood sticks or composite sticks, for that matter. That being said, ABS blades can sometimes be used for ice hockey as well, but you'll find that the blades are usually less rigid, which can have a dramatic effect on your shot power and accuracy since ice hockey pucks are heavier than most hockey balls and inline hockey pucks. This particular Graf stick is one that can be used on the ice, but we recommend going with either a standard wood stick (non-ABS blade) or a composite hockey stick to get the best on-ice results.

By chuck from boston on June 10, 2013
What length is this stick?
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on June 11, 2013

It's approximately 60" long.