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Gladiator Cut Resistant Hockey Socks

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Gladiator Hockey Socks are designed to provide a truly superior alternative to standard knit hockey socks. What makes Gladiator Socks so unique is their unparalleled strength and resistance to cuts from skate blades. Every hockey player is well-aware that hockey skate blades are sharp enough to cut through leather, nylon and unfortunately, flesh. But, until now there hasn't been a product that provides both the traditional functionality of a hockey sock with ample protection for the skater's legs. Accidents happen every time the puck drops, and with the ever-increasing speed of the game, the timing couldn't be better for a product that takes an age-old problem to task and solves it with flying colors.

When compared to traditional knit hockey socks, Gladiator Hockey Socks are over 50% more cut resistant, which can be the difference between a severed tendon and a few frayed threads. Inside the polyester shell, you'll find the Dyneema® liner (the world's strongest fiber), which is what makes Gladiator socks so much stronger and more protective than any sock on the market. And, with the added length of Gladiator socks, you get full coverage from your ankles to upper thighs.

Gladiator also offers a full range of NHL Team and Solid Color Hockey Socks, so you can be sure to find the design that matches your team's colors. Available in 20", 24", 28" and 32", Gladiator Hockey Socks come in 4 sizes that meet the needs of every age group of hockey players.