Gladiator Cut Resistant Pro Solid Color Hockey Socks

Gladiator Cut Resistant Pro Solid Color Hockey Socks

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2 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
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Gladiator Cut Resistant Pro Solid Color Hockey Socks

How do you resist cuts to the back of your leg? The solution is a knit sock with a loose-hanging liner, to grab and drag skate-blades, keeping them from direct contact with the leg. The Gladiator’s construction allows for double-layered resistance, and the last layer is the strongest possible line of defense against skate-blade cuts.

A polyester shell cases a liner made with Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber™ – adding the final layer of protection against serious or even career-threatening injuries related to skate-blade cuts. The Gladiator Sock is the first customizable cut-resistant hockey sock to provide safe coverage of the entire leg; from ankle all the way up to where the leg meets the hip joint.

The Dyneema® liner found in the Gladiator Sock ensures a last line of defense against skate-blade cuts while providing a comfortable, flexible feel that enables the performance hockey players expect to maintain.Dyneema® is a fiber invented by DSM, a Netherlands-based company. It derives its enormous strength from a proprietary gel-spinning process that results in incredibly long, straight polymer chains. The result is a fusion of extreme strength and supreme softness. The Dyneema® brand is used in a wide and ever-increasing range of applications such as medical sutures, commercial fishing and aquaculture nets, ropes, slings, cut-resistant gloves and apparel, vehicle, personal ballistic protection, and now, cut-resistant hockey socks.

  • Stronger, more durable, and more than 50% more cut-resistant than regular knit hockey socks
  • 15 times stronger than quality steel at equal weight
  • 30 times lighter than quality steel at equal volume
  • Doesn’t absorb or retain water
  • One outer-lining made entirely of polyester
  • One inner-lining made of Dyneema® –The World’s Strongest Fiber™
  • Full Leg Coverage: Ankle to Thigh?
  • Safe, Comfortable, Reliable
  • Made in Montreal, Canada

The Gladiator Sock is cut-resistant, NOT cut-proof.

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Gladiator Cut Resistant Pro Solid Color Hockey Socks
2 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Tampa, FL
2 Stars

Not a sturdy product
March 27, 2015
I bought a pair at the full price and had one tear the first time I fell on the ice, terrible. It was at least a 3 inch hole. I made the mistake of calling Gladiator direct in Montreal, where I experienced bad customer service. The good news is that HockeyGiant replaced them. I now have about a season in wearing the replacements and I have to rate them below average. They shrink when washed, are hard pull on, even after stretching and they do not hold up nearly as well as a cheap pair of hockey socks. Probably will not buy a new pair even at $19.99.
Have not had a skate directly cut them, but am hopeful that they'd work!