Gear 16-Pack Inline Hockey Bearings - ABEC-7

Gear 16-Pack Inline Hockey Bearings - ABEC-7

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Gear 16-Pack Inline Hockey Bearings - ABEC-7

  • 16-Pack of Bearings
  • Chrome steel inner & outer rings
  • Double metal shield prevents dirt and dust buildup
  • Bearings are for 608mm (Standard) wheels

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Gear 16-Pack Inline Hockey Bearings - ABEC-7
By Alex from Los Angeles, California on February 27, 2015
Those things in the middle what are those for? I'm putting them together and I can't seem to find out what their for so I just left them off is this a bad thing to do?
By Customer Service on February 28, 2015

Hi Alex,

Those are spacers. They're very important to the functionality of your wheels and bearings. The way you want to install them is to put one of the bearings into the wheel, and then put the spacer into the opening on the other side of the wheel, then put the other bearing on to enclose the spacer. The spacer plays an important role in both providing a durable, smooth surface to rotate around the axle, as well as stabilizing the bearings and maintaining the shape of the wheel.