EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - X-Large Drilled

EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - X-Large Drilled

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3 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
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EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - X-Large Drilled

  • 48" x 96" Skill Pad Shooting Board (0.095 inch thick) is pre-drilled for use with EZPucks
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EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - X-Large Drilled
3 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Chicago, IL
2 Stars

Like the others have said
June 1, 2013
Overall a decent trainer but, as others have noted, there are several performance related issues exist. Never could get the material to lay totally flat so that the the puck came off the rebounder correctly. Also, the UV resistance/ultimate durability of this particular model was the worst of the 3 other boards I have used previously.
Nice large surface Good training tool
Unable to get the surface to totally lay flat which hurt the performance of the rebounder Poor UV resistance causing rapid degradation of the material-could be greatly improved with the additon of UV stabilizers which would have a nominal impact on cost

2 Stars

Nice but never lays flat
December 30, 2012
Have had this board for 3 weeks. Have followed the instructions how to get it to lay flat but it won't. We have even placed a space heater next to it but that failed too. Comes rolled up which does not help. We have 130lbs right next to the one timer device and that is the only way we can use it. Would not recommend this<br>For the money.

5 Stars

I like this a lot
May 15, 2012
This is a very big board that provides a good deal of space for stickhandling practice, passing, shooting, etc. I definitely recommend this. However, I don't know why you would spend the additional money (e.g., $40+) for the ez pucks since you can just put pucks or a stick on the board and stickhandle around those things. A green biscuit seems to most realistically simulate a puck moving on ice, but a regular ice puck or roller puck still move pretty well.

3 Stars

Good but watch UV light
January 1, 2012
This is a good product for puck handling practice and using as a shooting platform. The only problem that I realized was sunlight causes the board material to crack and become brittle. After 6 months of day in/day out exposure the board broke in 3 large pieces when being moved. Positive note, the rebounder is still like new.

By Mike from New York State on April 4, 2014
Could I mount this to a piece of plywood, in order to keep it flat?
By Customer Service on April 4, 2014

That may be a good solution if you're concerned, as a few customers have been, with the board staying flat. The truth is, we've sold a very large number of these EZ Puck Boards and have had very few complaints about the boards staying flat. Typically, when you see a poor review, there are twice as many or more people who had a great experience but did not feel as compelled to write a review because the product simply performed as expected. All of that being said, we have full confidence in these shooting boards and if you take good care of it, it will work very well for you. I would recommend moving it into a shaded area after each use, and try to keep it protected from rain/snow/etc.

By Stefan from Atlanta on September 28, 2014
Can I use a standard ice puck with this board and if not what do you recommend?
By Customer Service on September 29, 2014

Yes, it is intended to be used with ice hockey pucks.

By Tony from SF, CA on December 1, 2013
Can the board be kept outside year-round and how does it hold up to weather (pretty mild but sometimes wet Northern California weather)?
By Customer Service on December 4, 2013

It's durable enough to be left outside throughout the year, but it will certainly last longer if you at least cover it with a tarp or move it out of direct sunlight.

By Hockeymom from Michigan on December 1, 2014
How does the board get shipped, is it rolled up?
By Customer Service on December 2, 2014

Correct. It is rolled up to make it more manageable to ship. Once it is received, a day left out in the hot sun will soften it up and make it flat.

By Eric from Cherry hill New Jersey on February 19, 2014
Do the drilled holes effect the puck going over it
By Customer Service on February 20, 2014

They won't affect the puck's ability to slide smoothly over the board. The holes are very small.

By LK from Michigan on November 15, 2013
Does this "EZ Puck Shooting Board Combo - X-Large Drilled" come with the green rebounder? It shows it, but the description does not mention it.
By Customer Service on November 15, 2013

Yes, the rebounder is included.

By Jim from Philadelphia, PA. on September 23, 2013
What is the required maintenance on the board? How do you keep the board slick? I have heard furniture polish helps keep it slick. Is that true?
By Aaron at on September 24, 2013

Little to no maintenance is required. In fact, the more you use this board, the more "ice-like" the surface gets. I've had my board for over a year now with absolutely no maintenance it's still in great condition.

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