Elite Pro X700 Knee Hockey Socks - Senior

Elite Pro X700 Knee Hockey Socks - Senior

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5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
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Elite Pro X700 Knee Hockey Socks - Senior
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Jerusalem Israel
5 Stars
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Great. Really love these!
June 4, 2015
It has features I would never have thought of. The "Y" grip really works, so that the toes really aren't too tight. (That's something I never really noticed before having these. But now I notice it in other socks. The "Y" sort of reminds me to adjust the socks so the toes are just right - loose, but not baggy to fold and cause problems. Then they really stay that way.) The mesh under the toes has lasted quite well. They dry so fast that I no longer even bother changing socks after the game. I wear them home. More comfortable than any of my regular socks. The compression is fine. I don't know what I expected compression to do for me, but in practice it means they are unobtrusive under my shin pads, don't bunch up, don't slide around. They are NOT too tight on the calf. They go all the way up to just below the knee. You can pull them a bit further up, but have to be conscious of whether that might tug the bottom "Y" more than you want. The top band of elastic is maybe a half inch wide. Sometimes I wish it were slightly wider. But it doesn't dig in annoyingly. (Just, I sort of expect it to, because I have a lot of other socks that have a narrower strip up top that do dig in.) They stay up great. I've actually considered buying many pairs of them and using them for my daily wear. But they're too expensive for me to do that. Ever since I bought them I've checked around for any other socks that could possibly improve on them. Haven't found. I really like that they go all the way up to the knee. So thin, but sturdy. (I have an exposed rough edge in my skate boot's sole. The socks did develop a tiny hole right where that spot is, but over many months it has not gotten any bigger, and doesn't detract from them in any way. The only improvement I can possibly think of for these is cut-resistance, to protect against freak skate blade accidents. But I don't play in so wild a league. And, anyway if that were a concern I'd stay with these, but change my over-shinpad hockey socks to Gladiator Cut Resistant Hockey Socks, or such. For protection all the way up the thigh. When I bought them, because of shipping it was almost the same price to buy two pairs and qualify for free shipping. Definitely was the right choice. Sorry this is so glowing. But don't be skeptical. I'm not being paid for this or anything. Just of all my hockey purchases the past two years, these were one of my top two favorites.
True knee-highs don't pinch the calf. Do stay up, non bunched. "Y" really works to not pull in the toes. Dry really fast. Like the mesh. Don't twist under shinpads. Allow good tight skate fit.