Easton Velocity V9E Senior Grip Hockey Stick

Easton Velocity V9E Senior Grip Hockey Stick

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3.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
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Easton Velocity V9E Senior Grip Hockey Stick


  • NEW: HYPERTOE Tapered rib design to increase velocity off the toe
  • NEW: Segmented blade core with Airex foam for improved response and feel
  • Multi-Rib Construction for consistent performance
  • Uni-carbon blade with 3K woven wrap
  • Micro-Bladder blade design


  • Tuned Shaft Flex Profile for a lower kick-point, storing more energy in the taper
  • Compression molded uni-carbon shaft
  • Fused two-piece construction
  • Elliptical taper section
  • Grip Coating


  • Stick Weight: (Approx) 430g
  • Stick Length: 60"
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Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 II

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Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 II, E3 Hall, E4 Cammalleri, E5 Getzlaf, E6 Parise, E7 Iginla, E9 Heatley, E28, E36
Easton Velocity V9E Senior Grip Hockey Stick
3.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
2 Stars

great performance, terrible durability
November 14, 2014
Crazy hard wrist and snap shots. Fast release. Had durability issues. Broke 2 of these within 30 days in the same spot (the elitist taper section). I loved the Stealth RSII but my experience with this stick has me switching away from this line. Also it says a lot I'd you watch what the pros are using. The RSII was crazy popular in the NHL when it came out. Almost no one is using the V9e. I see a lot of Synergy HSX's out there so I will try my luck with that next.
Fast, powerful shots

steven senese
buffalo new york
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great stick
July 29, 2014
this is a great lightweight stick specifically for D-men, it has great durability the kick from your shot feels very powerful and lets you feel the puck on your stick great.

By judy from philippines on January 14, 2014
this is made from non aircraft grade carbon? how long the hockey stick? its 4-5 ft long?
By Customer Service on January 15, 2014

60" long, from the top of the shaft to the back side of the blade heel. Yes, it's made with a lightweight carbon composite.

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