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Easton Stealth RS II Junior Hockey Stick

Easton Stealth RS II Junior Hockey Stick

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Easton Stealth RS II Junior Hockey Stick

  • Elliptical Taper Profile
  • Woven Kevlar® Shaft
  • Increased Blade Stiffness
  • Micro Bladder / Multi-Rib Blade
  • Low Kick Point Flex Profile
  • Matte Blade Finish
  • Stick Weight (Approx.): 335g
  • Stick Length: 50"
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Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013

Easton E3 Hall Blade, Easton Hall Curve, Easton Taylor Hall Pattern, Easton Sakic Curve Easton E4 Cammalleri Blade, Easton Cammalleri Curve, Easton Mike Cammalleri Pattern Easton E5 Getzlaf Blade, Easton Getzlaf Curve, Easton Ryan Getzlaf Pattern Easton E6 Parise Blade, Easton Parise Curve, Easton Zach Parise Pattern Easton E7 Iginla Blade, Easton Iginla Curve, Easton Jarome Iginla Pattern Easton E9 Heatley Blade, Easton Heatley Curve, Easton Dany Heatley Pattern Easton E28 Blade, E28 Easton Curve, Easton E28 Pattern

Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013, P3 Hall, P4 Cammalleri, P5 Getzlaf, P6 Parise, P7 Iginla, P9 Heatley, E28
Easton Stealth RS II Junior Hockey Stick
By Debbie from fargo,nd on December 15, 2014
What ages is the junior stick for versus the intermediate?
By Customer Service on December 15, 2014

This Sizing Image will show you each of the age groups for stick sizing. Also, you may want to check out the length and flex chart in our Hockey Stick Buying Guide

By Shawn from Stevens Point, WI on August 27, 2014
What length is this stick?
By Customer Service on September 2, 2014

50 Inches

By Chris from New Jersey on October 7, 2014
Is this a "grip" shaft?
By Customer Service on October 8, 2014

It is not. It has a Matte Finish.

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