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Easton Stealth 65S II Senior Grip Hockey Stick

Easton Stealth 65S II Senior Grip Hockey Stick

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Easton Stealth 65S II Senior Grip Hockey Stick

  • Elliptical Taper Profile
  • Pro Shaft Geometry
  • Micro Bladder / Multi-Rib Blade
  • Low Kick Point Flex Profile
  • Matte finish blade
  • Stick Weight (Approx.): 516g
  • Stick Length: 60"
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Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 II

Easton E3 Hall Blade, Easton Hall Curve, Easton Taylor Hall Pattern, Easton Sakic Curve Easton E4 Cammalleri Blade, Easton Cammalleri Curve, Easton Mike Cammalleri Pattern Easton E5 Getzlaf Blade, Easton Getzlaf Curve, Easton Ryan Getzlaf Pattern
Easton E7 Iginla Blade, Easton Iginla Curve, Easton Jarome Iginla Pattern Easton E28 Blade, E28 Easton Curve, Easton E28 Pattern Easton E36 Blade Pattern, E36 Easton Curve, Easton E36 Pattern

Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 II, E3 Hall, E4 Cammalleri, E5 Getzlaf, E6 Parise, E7 Iginla, E9 Heatley, E28, E36
Easton Stealth 65S II Senior Grip Hockey Stick
4 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great stick for a great price!
July 29, 2014
I've been using wood blades for over a decade and I was worried about the transition. But I was really surprised how quickly it took me to get used to the 1 piece, only about 2 practices/games to get used to the stick. The grip is great and not too sticky. It really helps toward the end of the game when my gloves are drenched with sweat. The price was good to start with, but when purchased on sale I really got a great deal.
Good feel Grip helps a lot stands up to heavy use

United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love this stick
June 18, 2014
Took me a while to find a stick this good!

Ridgeway, Ontario
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good defenseman stick
March 8, 2014
The long blade has helped me get a piece of the puck more often than any other stick for sure. I only wish this blade came with slightly less curve.. A slightly open as opposedto this full open. I can keep my shots lower so this stick required me to lean the top of the stick slightly forward. Now that being said, I'm not a professional player, but overall I'm impressed buy its light weight and snap shot. Tim Gillespie
Light weight, good snap. Long blade has better poke check reach in my game for sure.
Blade should have slightly less curve to keep the shot down with the same power.

Stiffed in Kent, WA
2 Stars

Broken Record....
November 23, 2013
Like many others here...cracked heel discovered after the rattle started. I'm a Pee Wee coach and use this stick 2hrs/week. Rattle started after 2 months or about 16 hrs of VERY light use. C'mon Easton quit ripping me off with this crap. I keep coming back for the Getzlaf blade only. I need to start using my kids youth CCM stick as it seems to hold up better.
The first 15 hours....
Ripped off for $100 again.

By TJS from ND on January 27, 2014
Which blade would you recommend that gets a good lift on a slapshot and gets good lift on wrist shots?
By Customer Service on January 27, 2014

Neither of the blade patterns currently available (P4 & P7) with the 65S II Grip is really designed for high-rising shots. They are designed for playmakers and puckhandlers who want control and predictability. They both have fairly neutral face angles and the depths of the curves are not particularly deep.

Those are the two characteristics that you'll want to focus on as you're looking for a pattern that suits your needs: depth and face angle. In Easton Sticks, the P3 (aka E3), P5 (aka E5), P6 (aka E6) and E28 patterns will be the best choices for you.

If you're right handed, use 85 Flex and would consider the non-grip finish, we have the 65S II Stick in the P3 Pattern. That would be a good choice. We also have several flex and hand options available in the P3 Pattern with the Easton Stealth 75S II Grip, which is the next model up in the line.

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