Edge Again Manual Goalie Hockey Skate Sharpener

Edge Again Manual Goalie Hockey Skate Sharpener

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Edge Again Manual Goalie Hockey Skate Sharpener

Introducing the first ever rechargeable powered hand held skate sharpening device. EDGE AGAIN™ uses a Diamond Coated "Tusk Technology" that is patent pending. This technology has been developed along with MAGNA Closures engineering team to accomplish a quick fix to an edge or edges that have received trauma during a hockey game.

The diamond coated tusks micro sharpen the blade's 4 sides that make up the 2 edges that are on a skate blade. This process does not affect the hollow or the contour of the blade that were created with conventional skate sharpening machines. Extensive testing has proven its viability and trainers that have tested EDGE AGAIN™, have indicated their desire to own this device.

Using EDGE AGAIN™ is simple and easy and with a little practice you can fix a player's blade just like a NASCAR pit crew on a Sunday afternoon pit stop!!! EDGE AGAIN™ self aligns onto the blade allowing it to fix both inside and outside edges at the same time in seconds. Massage over the damaged edge until EDGE AGAIN™ micro files all 4 sided to restore 2 sharp edges. Green light on EDGE AGAIN™ shows when battery is in good shape, when it turns to orange it still has enough power to sharpen more skates but we recommend charging it back up for more use the next time it's called on. Tusks last up to 20 pair of skates depending on severity of blade's trauma. Easy snap in and out technology makes it a breeze to change with your fingertips.

  • Non-motorized sharpening device
  • Patented tusk sharpens all 4 sides to restore 2 perfect edges
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Edge Again Manual Goalie Hockey Skate Sharpener