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CCM PG9 Hockey Referee Girdle

CCM PG9 Hockey Referee Girdle

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CCM PG9 Hockey Referee Girdle

  • Perforated foam padding allows ventilation, reduces weight and adds flexibility
  • Protection piece in tailbone area
  • Single belt closure system
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CCM PG9 Hockey Referee Girdle
By Dakota from Lebo, Kansas on August 5, 2014
Is this product very dutiable I want to use it to fight bulls.
By Customer Service on August 7, 2014

It's a solid girdle and will cushion your fall, but it will not prevent punctures from a bull horn.

By tom hansen from plymouth, mi on July 20, 2014
does it come with a cup?
By Customer Service on July 21, 2014

It does not include a cup.

By Todd from Minneapolis, MN on October 16, 2014
How does sizing work. I have a 38" waste. What is the waste size for L and XL
By Customer Service on October 16, 2014

The waist size for Large is 34-38". X-Large is 38-42". Here's a link to the CCM Sizing Chart.