CCM RBZ Stage 2 Grip Hockey Stick - Senior

CCM RBZ Stage 2 Grip Hockey Stick - Senior

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CCM first unleashed the RBZ Stick in 2012 with great reception from professional hockey players and amateur players of all ages. Now, they're back with a new and improved design that takes their breakthrough technology to a whole new level with the CCM RBZ Stage 2 Hockey Stick.

There were several things that made the RBZ such a unique stick, many of which were the result of the partnership forged with golf club manufacturer, TaylorMade®, which opened the door to several, brand new concepts to the manufacturing of hockey sticks. TaylorMade's SpeedPocket technology has been adapted for hockey sticks, and subsequently named SpeedBlade technology. Here's the way it works – instead of using the traditional injected foam core blade, CCM has removed the foam from the blade core and created channels in the blade which compress and then rebound to create an incredibly fast, powerful release. What they've done with the blade on the RBZ Stage 2 Stick, is that they've restructured the channels inside the blade to increase C.O.R (Coefficient of Restitution = just a fancy way of saying they've increased the "pop" and "speed") by 20%.

Another TaylorMade-inspired feature, CCM worked extensively on fine-tuning the weight distribution throughout the shaft and blade to increase stick speed and power, a feature they've dubbed Power Swing Technology. The motions of swinging a hockey stick and golf club aren't so different, so the technology TaylorMade was able to provide to CCM was invaluable.

In addition, CCM also constructed the shaft of the stick to provide multiple flex points that are designed to react directly to bottom hand placement on the shaft. This construction feature makes the CCM RBZ Stage 2 Stick one of the most responsive and consistent hockey sticks available, no matter whether you're a blueliner with a booming slapper or a shifty forward with a twisted wrister.

CCM RBZ Stage 2 Grip Hockey Stick - Senior

  • SpeedBlade 2 with Freak Channels
  • Power Swing Technology
  • Custom Kick Point
  • T-Geometry
  • Grip Finish
  • Length: 100 Flex = 60" | 85 Flex = 60" | 75 Flex = 58"
  • Weight: 430 grams

CCM Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 - II

CCM Nugent-Hopkins Blade, Nugent-Hopkins Curve, CCM Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Blade PatternCCM Lecavalier Blade, Lecavalier Curve, CCM Vincent Lecavalier Blade PatternCCM Tavares Blade, Tavares Curve, CCM John Tavares Blade PatternCCM Landeskog Blade, Landeskog Curve, CCM Gabriel Landeskog Blade PatternCCM Hossa Blade, Hossa Curve, CCM Marian Hossa Blade Pattern
CCM RBZ Stage 2 Grip Hockey Stick - Senior
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Tavares CCM RBZ2
July 20, 2015
I love this stick. Light, well balanced, best stiffness for me and the absolute perfect curve. Can't believe I got this on sale for $100

Weight430 Grams
Length75 Flex = 58" | 85 Flex = 60" | 100 Flex = 60"
Kick PointCustom
Construction MaterialCarbon
BladeSpeed Blade 2
Shaft ShapeT-Geometry
Shaft FinishGrip
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty30 Days
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