CCM Custom Support Hockey Skate Insoles - Low Arch

CCM Custom Support Hockey Skate Insoles - Low Arch

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CCM Custom Support Hockey Skate Insoles - Low Arch

Your Foot is a Sensor
By providing full contact to the foot's sole, the myofascial structure of the foot is fully activated stimulating greater reaction in the footmuscles for enhanced speed.

Dynamic Arch Cradle (DAC)
Designed to redistribute pressure evenly and stabilize excessive movements which lead to injury. The DAC differs in density, shape and responsiveness dependent on foot type and length.

  • Top Layer – Breathable fabric that allows moisture to diffuse sweat into the middle layer.
  • Middle Layer – Freeflex memory foam absorbs moisture and reduces odor. The foam adapts to the contours of your foot improving fit.
  • Base Layer – curEVA: a unique shock absorbing material that provides optimum cushioning.
CCM Custom Support Hockey Skate Insoles - Low Arch
By Ted Hawkes from Gloucester, Ma. on October 30, 2013
Reebok Fitlite 4K size 8.5 would use which size?
By Customer Service on October 31, 2013

Large (8 - 9.5) would be the best size for you. We'll put the rest of the sizes on the site today.

By Blake from Memphis, TN on September 8, 2015
I'm currently using the Superfeet yellow inserts in a pair of Reebok 26ks. I think they are giving too much volume to my foot and causing lace bite. Are these more low profile?
By Customer Service on September 10, 2015

If you're experiencing lace bite, I'd recommend trying a Lace Bite Pad before swapping out the footbeds. Most likely, the tongue of the 26K is not providing enough padding between your feet and the laces, which can be addressed with a gel insert. The Superfeet footbeds aren't so thick that you'd benefit greatly from switching to a different model. You might also consider changing out your laces for a wider, thicker set.