CCM CS 400 Hockey Gloves - Junior

CCM CS 400 Hockey Gloves - Junior

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The CCM CS400 Hockey Gloves are a mid level glove with a lot to offer. 'CS' stands for Crazy Strong, and they are truly built to last, providing superior protection. They have a tapered fit, which is wider near the cuff and more snug toward the fingers, giving you both mobility and control. Protection comes from triple density foam with PE inserts. The 3 piece flex thumb allows for great movement of your thumb to enhance control of your stick while protecting your thumb from hyper-extension.

The construction of the shell is nylon with strategically placed PU at high abrasion zones, making these gloves extremely durable. There are also vented mesh gussets that aid in keeping your hands dry and cool. The nash Rima II palm reinforced with Kevlar gives you great stick feel while maintaining a high level of durability against stick wear and tear.

CCM CS 400 Hockey Gloves - Junior

  • Construction
    Nylon with strategic PU detailing at high abrasion zones or long-term durability.

  • Fingers & Backhand
    Triple density foam with full PE inserts for comfort plus stretch vented mesh gussets to keep hands cool and flexible.

  • Thumb
    New 3-piece flex design allows good forward flex to promote control of the stick.

  • Palm
    Nash Rima III reinforced with Kevlar to increase durability and promote stick feel.

  • Cuff & Cuff Roll
    Open segmented cuff plus mobile cuff roll to enhance motion, flexibility and protection.

  • Fit
    Tapered to assure tighter control on the stick.

Hockey Glove Sizing Chart

Measure from the base of your middle finger to the crease of your elbow. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey glove size. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.

Hockey Glove Sizing Chart
Age Group Finger Base to Elbow (in) Hockey Glove Size
Youth 7 - 8" 8"
8 - 9" 9"
Junior 9 - 10" 10"
10 - 11" 11"
11 - 12" 12"
Senior 12 - 13" 13"
13 - 14" 14"
14 - 15" 15"
Hockey Glove Sizing Measurement - Finger Base to Elbow Crease
CCM CS 400 Hockey Gloves - Junior
CCM CS400 Ice Hockey Gloves Color Chart
ShellPolyester with PU Abrasion Zones
PalmDurable Clarino Nash Reinforced with Kevlar
PaddingTriple Density
CuffOpen, Segmented
Finger Segments3-Piece Index
Thumb3-Piece Flexible Thumb
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty90 Days